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Conference Finance Resources

The finance co-chair is responsible for working in partnership with the Special Events (SE) Coordinator on creating and managing the budget for the conference.  This co-chair will work closely with all conference co-chairs.
Your sponsorship co-chair will work in partnership with Corporate Partnerships (CP) to raise sponsorship for your conference.  This money is secured from corporate sponsors that have had long-standing relationships with individual conferences and the school, from companies providing speakers, and from personal relationships conference leaders have. 


  • Once your conference has been approved, your budget must go through a final approval process.  Please set up a meeting with the SE Coordinator and the conference team to discuss.
  • Items in the budget are approved on a line by line basis.  Amounts listed on the sample budget are based upon historical pricing as well as amounts that the school is comfortable paying for that item. 
  • Once the budget is approved, any reallocation of funds within the budget or additional fund requests must receive the approval of the SE Coordinator.
  • If your CP contact and your conference team members cannot reach funding goals, you will be asked to make modest budget cuts.

Registration Type

Typical Cost

Typical Attendance for Conference

Kellogg Students



Non-Kellogg Graduate Students


10 -15

Kellogg Alumni

$80 - $85



$20 - $25

Fewer than 5

Corporate Attendee

$125 - $140


Student Volunteer Attendee


15-25, including co-chairs




Don’t forget to include the volunteers, co-chairs, and speakers in your budget. They will not be paying a registration fee, but will need to be accounted for in the costs.
Receipt Reimbursement Procedure

  • Northwestern University will not reimburse someone more than 90 days after the purchase; inform team to turn in receipts for payment a.s.a.p.
  • Check that the expense is within the approved budget before submitting for reimbursement.
  • Use the Northwestern/Kellogg School of Management tax exempt form (.doc) when making all purchases. All taxes, except hospitality (hotel), delivered food and out-of-state taxes paid by a student will not be reimbursed by Northwestern University.
  • Must provide itemized bill/receipts. 
  • Any purchases made with a credit or debit card must be accompanied with screen captures of your bank statement showing only the specific charges made.
  • Each individual who submits a receipt for reimbursement must complete a W-9 form if you are a US citizen or a vendor request form (.doc) if you are a non-US citizen before he or she will be reimbursed.  This form is only filled out once per person.
  • Update your budget with the actual numbers.

Details on Types of Expenses

  • For internal Kellogg purchases such as group food orders placed directly through Student Affairs or purchases made at the Allen Center Emporium, the conference chartstring account can be directly billed. Please consult the SE Coordinator for your conference account number.
  • Speaker dinners can be paid using the P-card.
  • Students can only be reimbursed for purchases of alcohol if it complies with Northwestern University’s Alcohol Policy. Review Alcohol policy and submit forms under The Serial:
  • IF a contract is necessary for an expense (such as reserving a venue or speaker dinner), you must consult the SE Coordinator to obtain signatures. All contracts, regardless of amount, must be signed by an authorized administrator from the Northwestern University legal department. The SE Coordinator will help facilitate this process, and please give a minimum of 2 weeks lead time.

Invoice Payment Details

  • Northwestern University will not pay an invoice more than 90 days after the purchase; inform team to turn in invoice for payment a.s.a.p.
  • Request that invoice from company is addressed to SE Coordinator and sent via email, mail or fax.
  • Check to see that it matches the approved budget.
  • Submit invoice to SE Coordinator for payment.
  • Update your budget with the actual numbers.

Note:  Make a copy of all forms for your records.

Follow Through
(Within two weeks after the conference)

  • Follow-up on any outstanding invoices.
  • Get actual numbers/invoices from all committees.
  • Meet with SE Coordinator to complete a Final Budget with actuals.
  • Provide any other feedback to SE Coordinator and CP, and create any notes/feedback for next year’s finance chair.
  • Archive all materials and data for next year’s committee.