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Corporate Sponsorship Resources

As a non-profit educational institution, the Kellogg School of Management allows student-run clubs to pursue corporate sponsorship, following strict corporate development policies. The Kellogg School provides two full-time staff members in the Corporate Relations Department, the Assistant Directors of Corporate Relations, to advise and support student clubs and conferences with their sponsorship needs. This individual serves as a liaison between the companies and the Kellogg students and is knowledgeable on Kellogg’s complex relationships and history with corporate partners. The Assistant Director of Corporate Relations approves all corporate solicitation plans for student run events, activities and conferences.

Corporate Sponsorship Guidelines (.doc 29k/1pg)

Menu of Options for Corporate Involvement in Student Activities lists clubs that are approved to obtain corporate participation.

Kellogg Invoice Template (.doc 534k/1pg)
Information companies need to write a sponsorship check to Kellogg.

Conference Sponsorship Handbook (.doc 2Mb/21pgs)
Guidelines for conference sponsorship committees to follow. The handbook includes sample solicitation letters, example one-pagers and action plans to obtain corporate support for a large event at Kellogg.

Conference Sponsorship Committee Training (.ppt 1MB)
Given to the student-run conference co-chairs on May 30, 2007.

Kellogg’s Corporate Involvement Website
Kellogg’s Corporate Development Website is where corporations can learn more about giving opportunities at Kellogg and the Corporate Affiliates Program.

Corporate In-kind Gifts Information (.pdf 300K)
What is an in-kind gift? In-kind gifts are defined as donations or awards of company property, goods, or services which are not cash. This includes tangible items such as books or software and intangible items such as plane fare or lodging costs. Kellogg gives corporations tax credit for their in-kind gifts. The sheet above will provide more information on in-kind gifts. If your club or conference have received a gift in-kind, please fill out the sheet and give it to Gina Chiasson.

FAQ’s - Frequently Asked Sponsorship Questions (.doc)

• Who is my Corporate Relations contact?
• What is the Menu of Options?
• What student clubs are approved for potential student sponsorship?
• What activities and events are eligible for corporate sponsorship?
• What do I need to do before contacting a potential sponsor?
• When should I begin contacting potential sponsors?
• Who are good sponsorship contacts?
• What is a gift-in-kind?
• Do I need to report corporate sponsorship to anyone?
• Who should checks be made out to?
• Where are the checks sent to?
• Can companies donate money electronically or with a credit card?
• How do I raise money for a club that does not qualify for corporate sponsorship?
• How do I fundraise for a TG?
• What are other ways a company can get involved?

If you have a question regarding the information on this site or would like to pursue corporate sponsorship for your club event, please contact:

Jennifer Johnson
Assistant Director of Corporate Relations
Kellogg School of Management – Development, 2nd floor