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Conference Speaker Resources

The Conference Speaker Co-chair is responsible for securing keynote speakers, panelists and moderators for the conference. Once speakers are confirmed, this role serves as the main point of contact, ensuring that the speaker and conference needs are met throughout the process.


General Information

  • Programming - Conferences may have up to five pieces of programming. (Standard format is two keynotes and three panels)
  • Speaker/Sponsorship - One of the most valuable benefits to offer a conference sponsor is the opportunity to provide a speaker. Please work closely with the Sponsorship Chair to determine if sponsors are requesting this.
  • Developing a speaker list, relationships matter - utilize business contacts, personal relationships, Kellogg alumni, and the Kellogg CP staff as this will increase your chance of success.
  • Speaker Database - Out of respect for a person's time, we do not recommend soliciting a speaker who has been on campus within the last 12 months. Please check the Speaker Database before submitting the name for approval. The speaker database (.xlsx) is a comprehensive list of past speakers at Kellogg since 2010 managed by the CP Office.
  • Approval needed - All speakers must be approved by your Corporate Partnerships (CP) contact before you begin reaching out. Please use the Drop Box file for submission and keep it up to date on speaker status.
  • Response time - We suggest giving a two week response time to your invited speakers.
  • International Dignitary - If you are interested in inviting an international dignitary to speak at a conference, please follow the guidelines in the International Dignitary Proposal Process (.doc)

Keynotes (6-9 months out)

  • Dean's letters - Your CP contact can help to facilitate an invitation for you from the dean's office. CP contact will need the following information to begin the Dean's letter process: (seven business day turn-around) filled in the drop box tracker.
    • Speaker's contact information (name, title, company, address and email address)
    • Assistant's name and email address
    • Three sentences on why the speaker's experience and background makes a compelling case for speaking at the conference.
  • Timeline - The Keynote speaker solicitation process should begin at least six months before the conference. Ideally, all keynotes are confirmed three months before the conference. Keynote speakers should not be solicited less than two months before the conference.

Panels (4-5 months out)

  • Concurrent panel sessions - Must meet requirement of 175 attendees (historic average). Not available for international conferences.
  • Panel Size & Length - Panels should consist of three panelists and a moderator. Panelists should be of similar levels. The appropriate length of a panel is 60 minutes.
  • Timeline - The panelist speaker solicitation process should begin at least five months before the conference. Panelists should not be solicited less than six weeks before the conference.

Once a Speaker Confirms

  • Photo and Bio - Request a bio and high resolution picture (300dpi jpeg and eps) for marketing material and website. We recommend asking for a 200 word bio as space is limited in the conference program.
  • Information Request Form - Use the Information Request Form (.doc) and Media Release (.doc) templates to request the necessary information from the speaker. Once returned by the speaker, please upload to drop box and notify your administrative contacts. If any speaker does not sign off on the media release, no media can be present at the conference.
  • Moderator/Panelists conference call - We encourage you to facilitate moderators and panelist conference calls to discuss topics at least two weeks before the conference.
  • Speaker Buddy - Please assign each speaker a "buddy" for the length of their stay at Kellogg to take care of their needs. Exchange cell phone numbers, coordinate logistics, and plan to greet the speaker at the door.
  • Say "thank you" - Send the speakers a thank you note for participating and providing insight to the conference programming within one week after the conference. CP will coordinate a thank you note from Dean Blount to all conference speakers.

Marketing Materials

  • Kellogg Alum - If the speaker is an alumnus, include his or her graduation year in all material, i.e. John Smith '89, President, ABC Corporation.
  • Listing panelists - List in alpha order by last name. Within speaker bios, individuals are referred to in the same way, i.e. Mr. John Smith went to Northwestern University vs. Bob went to Harvard Business School.
  • Website - Your website is the most important marketing piece you have, regularly update website as speakers are confirmed.


  • Honorariums - Kellogg does not pay honorariums or any fees for conference speakers.
  • Flight reimbursement - Based upon need and budget, each conference has the ability to reimburse a limited number of speakers for their airline travel - economy flights only. Please work with your SA contact for approval and paperwork. Typical turnaround time is three to four weeks.
  • Speaker ground transportation and accommodations - The conference will provide ground transportation to and from the airport, and one night lodging in the Hotel Orrington, Evanston, IL. (Two nights for international travelers).
  • Speaker dinner - A dinner will be hosted the night before the conference for keynotes, moderators, panelists and second year leaders.