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Conference Sponsorship Resources

The sponsorship co-chair partners with the Corporate Partnerships office on the conference sponsorship solicitation strategy. The co-chair is responsible for coordinating with sponsors and other conference co-chairs to ensure that all of the promised sponsorship benefits are met throughout the conference day.

Some funding is secured from corporations that have had long-standing partnerships with the school, and others will be tied more closely to individual students. If your team, in collaboration with your CP contact, cannot reach your funding goals, you will be asked to make modest budget cuts.

Quick Tips for Conference Fundraising

  • Use your Network - When developing a list of potential sponsors, utilize business contacts, recruiters, Kellogg alumni and past organizers of your activity.
  • Uniform Sponsorship Levels - Corporate Partnerships has developed uniform pricing and benefits for conferences. This pricing (platinum, gold and silver) should be used when reaching out to companies for funding. There is an additional sponsorship opportunity, Conference Series Sponsor. The CP team manages series sponsorship over the summer, and series sponsors receive benefits across all conferences.
  • Sponsorship Limit - To provide exclusivity at the higher sponsorship levels, there is a recommended limit to the number of sponsors for each level:
    • Platinum sponsors (2)
    • Gold sponsors (5)
    • Silver sponsors (unlimited)
  • Timing - Conference fundraising should begin six months before the conference, but not before the CP overall solicitation early summer. Companies should not be solicited less than six weeks before the conference to ensure that marketing materials can be produced in time.
  • Follow up - 3-5 business days after initial request is sent to confirm receipt and to answer any questions they may have about the program, then allow two weeks for additional follow-up.
  • Invoicing - CP will handle all invoicing, email your CP contact after a company agrees to sponsor with the following information (name, email, company, sponsorship level), so an invoice can be sent.
  • In-Kind Gifts - Are goods or services which are not cash - will only be accepted and recognized as sponsorship if the gift helps with the bottom line of the conference budget. This includes tangible items such as books or software, and complimentary printing of a marketing piece and intangible items such as airfare and lodging costs.
  • Swag - The placement of promotional materials in the conference bag, or at the conference is a benefit of sponsorship and therefore only available to sponsors.

When following through with sponsorship benefits

  • Sponsorship Benefits - Per IRS 501 (c) 3 guidelines, sponsors cannot receive anything of value for their donation.
  • Speaker / Sponsorship - One of the most valuable benefits offered to a conference sponsor is the opportunity to provide a speaker. Please work closely with the Speaker Chair to ensure that this benefit is fulfilled.
  • Company Communication - Please provide your sponsors with a timeline of when documents will be needed to fulfill sponsorship benefits, and if the company is planning on sending a representative to the conference.
  • Logos - Check with Corporate Partnerships to see if they have logos for confirmed sponsors.
  • Logo display - When placing company logos (emails, day of packet, banners), please list logos in alphabetical order within each sponsorship level. Additionally, the logos should be sized by level; platinum logos should be larger than gold, and gold larger than silver, etc. Here is a sample banner.
  • Day of the Conference - Please arrive early to ensure that all day of benefits are fulfilled. i.e. banners hung, conference table set up (if applicable).
  • Thank you - The CP office will send conference sponsors a thank you letter once their sponsorship check is received. We also recommend that within one week following the conference, you send a note, thanking them for their donation.