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Club Speaker Resources

Prior to Speaker Outreach:

  • Start early, securing speakers takes time.  Begin solicitations 4-5 months before the event, complete solicitations no less than 6 weeks before an event.
  • Do not reach out to a speaker until you have received the go-ahead from your Corporate Partnerships (CP) contact; the school has relationships with many of the speakers and companies you may be targeting.
  • When developing a potential speaker list, utilize business contacts, personal relationships, Kellogg alumni, and the CP staff.
  • Out of respect for a person’s time, we do not recommend soliciting a speaker who has been on campus within the last year.  Please check the Speaker Database before submitting the name for approval.  The speaker database is a comprehensive list of past speakers at Kellogg since 2010 managed by the CP Office.
  • If you are interested in inviting an international dignitary to speak at a conference, please follow the guidelines in the International Dignitary Proposal Process(.doc)
  • The CP office can help to facilitate a letter from the dean’s office, when appropriate. Typical turnaround time is 7-10 business days.
  • Clubs cannot pay honorariums for speakers.

Confirming a date:

  • Check the Kellogg Groups Calendar for potential conflicts; these can negatively affect your attendance.
  • Club should not schedule more than 3 events per week and, a company can be on campus up to 3 times per quarter.  Please see the Key Dates for further information.
  • Partner with other clubs to ensure a large audience for a high level speaker.

Once a speaker confirms:

  • Once the event and speaker is confirmed please send an email and cc your CP contact so that a thank you note from the dean can be sent to each speaker.  What is needed is the name, title, company, e-mail address, and the date of the event.
  • Reserve an appropriate size classroom for your event. Click here for information.
  • Find useful information on promoting your event here.
  • For other logistical planning needs please contact Mike Rice (Full-time) or Andrea Stoit (Part-time)
  • If the speaker is an alum, his or her graduation year should be included in all marketing material. i.e. John Smith ’89, President, ABC Corporation.

Visitor Experience:

  • Let your CP Contact know if the speaker has requested any meetings, as she can assist you in arranging them.
  • Ensure that someone will greet the speaker upon his/her arrival.  We suggest exchanging cell phone numbers.
  • Determine who will introduce the speaker, who will close the event, and who will escort the speaker from the room.
  • The day of the event: Make sure the AV is ready, that the speaker has water, a podium, and microphone if needed.
  • Have volunteers available to greet people as well as encourage students to take seats.
  • If your event is in the Owen L. Coon Auditorium, we suggest encouraging students to take seats first in the front middle section, with the left and right sections following. 
  • A gift of reasonable value may be given to a speaker. We suggest promoting Kellogg by giving something from the Emporium, either a book authored by a faculty member or merchandise bearing the Kellogg logo (i.e. mug, pen).

 Post Event

  • Within one week of the event, send the speakers a thank you note for participating and providing insight to the topic.