Kellogg School of Management
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New Course Offerings

FINC 455-A Real Estate Finance and Investments II
FINC-484-A  Thought Leadership Seminar: Contemporary Issues in Finance
FINC-916-B VC Experience
INTL-916-0 International Business Strategy Lab (IBS-Lab)
KPPI-484-0  Thought Leadership Seminar: Sustainable Development
KPPI-484-0  Thought Leadership Seminar: Infrastructure Strategy - Public Sector Reforms and Private Sector Opportunities
MEDM-916-B Changing Business Models in the Media Industry
MGMT-950-0 Competitive Strategy in Financial Markets
MGMT-955-A Strategies for Growth
MORS 455-0 Strategy Implementation
MORS-531-0 Organizational Behavior: Social Movements

Last updated 02/05/2014