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Off Campus Housing

Apartment hunting tips
Chicago & Evanston information

Almost 70% of Kellogg students live off campus in non-university housing. While living in the McManus Apartments is convenient, living off-campus also offers several advantages. Along with having more space and a say in roommate selection, off-campus living provides students with more control over living conditions and a chance to take a breather from Kellogg life (this is especially nice during mid-terms and finals week).

What to expect
Expect one-bedroom apartments to start at $600/month and two bedrooms at $800/month. You may be a bit leery about finding an apartment in a new city. It's true that you must be sure to research potential sites; especially be sure to check on the heating and plumbing facilities. Don't worry - with a little work and some luck you'll find a great place in no time.

What to consider
If you choose to live in Evanston, decide:

Whether you want to walk, drive, or ride your bike to class.

How close you need to be to campus, the Evanston shopping district, and the McManus Apartments (for computers, activities, and group meetings).

How close you want to be to the El train stations that provide north-south service in Evanston and into Chicago.

Also Consider
Main, Ridge, and Noyes Streets form the border to convenient campus and downtown Evanston spots. However, the University prohibits anyone living from Central to Davis and east of Sherman from legally parking in campus lots. (Limited street parking is available near Leverone.) The El parallels Chicago Ave. in south Evanston and Sherman Ave. in north Evanston and stops about every 1/2 mile, including 3 blocks from Kellogg (at el stop - Foster.) Train commutes are possible from the Rogers Park neighborhood, just south of Evanston, where rental rates are cheaper, but it's farther from campus and the neighborhood is generally not as safe as Evanston.

If you live outside Evanston, know that group meetings, corporate presentations, and epic bar evenings translate into late commutes. Living south of Evanston provides "reverse" commutes, but be prepared for delays or public transportation waits. Also, Chicago winters (and drivers) provide hazardous driving conditions.

There are a many options ranging from newer luxury high-rises to vintage studio apartments. Prices and amenities vary (more expensive as you get closer to school) but with enough time and legwork, you can definitely find the place that is right for you and your budget. Here are some resources and apartment hunting tips for you to use in your search...happy hunting!

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Apartment-Hunting Tips

  • The earlier you start (by mid-summer), the bigger the selection. Don't be afraid to get a two-bedroom apartment by yourself if you are looking in June or early July. You'll make quick friends with those dreading the apartment search.
  • Use friends/family contacts in Chicago to help you find an apartment. They can send you weekly copies of the Evanston Review to give you a head start with your search. They might even save you an extra trip to Evanston if you are lucky.
  • Kellogg often sends notifications to first-years about roommate openings or apartments available for sublet. Contact the person listed quickly because these apartments tend to go fast.
  • Look to share. Out-of-towners might benefit by teaming up with a Chicago-area student.
  • Plan a trip to Evanston. Allow yourself at least 2-3 full days in Evanston to locate suitable housing. Arrive on a Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning so you can pick up a copy of the latest Chicago Reader or Evanston Review, available at many bookstores, grocery stores, and news stands throughout Evanston.
  • The NU Off-Campus Life office lists information regarding living resources and off-campus housing options in the Evanston/Chicago-metro communities.
  • Visit Kellogg Student Affairs. The office keeps a book of all of the 2nd-year evaluations and room forms in our office with newest listings.
  • Walk (or bike--rentals are cheap at Norris!) around Evanston and look for apartment opening signs. Plan on scouting the major streets to search for vacancies. Many students live north of Leverone (in the Ridge/ Sherman/ Noyes vicinity). Others live south of campus on Chicago, Hinman or other streets north of Main Street.
  • Contact Real Estate Agencies or Management Companies. Names of some local management companies are included below and can be found in the Evanston Review, The Reader (especially for Chicago housing), or other local papers. Be sure to tell them you are a Kellogg student as many companies won't rent to undergrads.