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General Description

A Head Student Director (HSD) is a student staff member of University Residential Services and the Kellogg School of Management. Principal HSD duties involve three areas of responsibility: Community Development, Administrative and Departmental.

These areas of responsibility cited below indicate primary duties. These are cited as examples only and are not an all-inclusive list of duties.

Community Development Responsibilities

The HSD is responsible for leading the two Student Directors (SDs). The SD team (HSD and SDs) is expected to create a sense of community amongst the residents of McManus. Through appropriate training, continued interaction, and successful programming, the SD team will be expected to be familiar with the building’s residents and their interests and needs. The SD team will be responsible for creating social, cultural, educational, recreational, and wellness opportunities for residents of McManus and the larger graduate student community.

Specifically, the HSD will perform the following tasks:

  1. Coordinate and lead McManus building orientation sessions at beginning of Fall Quarter.
  2. Propose, advertise, facilitate and evaluate building-wide social programs throughout the year.
  3. Publicize campus events through postings on McManus Facebook, CampusGroups, banners, fliers, etc.
  4. Work as a team with the other SDs and University staff to plan and implement social/thematic programs during the year. There should be four events per quarter including educational, social, and wellness programs.
  5. Support other SD-run programs through attendance at events.
  6. Plan one Staff Development activity per quarter.
  7. Other duties as assigned.

Administrative Responsibilities

As liaison between the University Residential Services office and the residents, the HSD will regularly meet with members of the McManus community, communicate concerns and policies, and offer suggestions for improving the residential community. The HSD is expected to attend to building safety and security, report problems and resident concerns, and be available and visible to the resident population.

To that end, the HSD will be expected to perform the following tasks:

  1. Schedule and perform on-call building duty on a rotating basis. While on duty, carry a cell phone at all times and be within a 15-minute response time to McManus in order to tend to the needs of residents. Maintain contact with the Resident Director (RD) on Duty throughout duty cycle.
  2. Complete a daily walk-through of the public areas of the building and monitor the following: equipment repairs that are needed in the laundry, vending, student office, garage, stairwells, basement, storage, and play area. Monitor safety standards by reporting any concerns related to hallway, outdoor, stairwell, and basement lighting. Report any maintenance/security issue in the daily log and file appropriate service requests. Verify front desk staff is present and assisting residents.
  3. Perform on-call duties as needed when requested by residents. Assist University personnel, fire department and police with emergencies and crises within the building. Inform supervisors of incident(s) that may need follow-up during the business day by thoroughly documenting the incident and maintaining confidentiality.
  4. Meet regularly with the Housing Coordinator (HC), Resident Director (RD) and SDs to plan, coordinate efforts, and discuss issues.
  5. Address observable inappropriate conduct on the part of residents (noise, safety issues, etc.). Utilize support services of the RD, HC, and the University Police, as necessary. Document all policy violations so appropriate staff may perform the necessary follow-up.
  6. The HSD is responsible for these collateral projects at the discretion of the HC and RD:

    • Maintain the McManus Facebook, CampusGroups pages and e-mail list, making appropriate revisions and additions as needed.
    • Create the SD duty schedule and disseminate to appropriate individuals.
    • Write and disseminate announcements and important notifications.
    • Assist with off-hours mail/package distribution, lockouts and key replacements.
  7. Other duties as assigned.

Departmental Responsibilities:

The SD team is part of a team of professional and para-professional staff who are responsible for the fair, efficient, and convenient delivery of service to residents at McManus. The SD team is expected to complete assigned projects in a timely and accurate manner and to assist other team members as needed. The SD team will provide support and awareness to the entire on-campus University Residential Services population.

To that end, the HSD will be expected to complete the following tasks:

  1. Participate in staff training prior to the start of Fall Quarter (mid to late August).
  2. Assist in the planning and implementation of training (this may include leading training sessions).
  3. Assist with check-in and check-out by providing duty coverage in the office.
  4. Work cooperatively and productively with all members of the University community by maintaining good working relationships with all related University staff.
  5. Accept full responsibility for use of the “master key” to the residence hall and to use the key only when authorized to do so.
  6. Other duties as assigned.

Working Conditions and Compensation:

  1. The HSD is expected to be able to manage time, stress, and projects reasonably well. Balancing academic and work deadlines is crucial for a successful experience.
  2. The HSD must be enrolled at Kellogg.
  3. The HSD must be in good academic standing with Kellogg.
  4. The HSD must know, support and abide by the University policies and regulations.
  5. The HSD must maintain a high level of accessibility and availability for residents and staff members.
  6. Employment is based on satisfactory performance. If terminated from the position, all compensation will cease as well.
  7. The period of employment for HSD and second year SD runs from August 20, 2014 - June 19, 2015 (tentative). The period of employment for first year SD runs from August 20, 2014 - June 14, 2015 (tentative).
  8. The HSD will receive a cost-free McManus one bedroom apartment. He/she must reside in an apartment in McManus to be a member of the SD team.
  9. The HSD receives a monthly stipend of $400.