Funding for Summer Experiences

Kellogg supports students interested in nonprofit and social enterprise summer experiences | Social Impact | Kellogg School

Funding for Summer Experiences

Financial support is available for students aspiring to have a positive impact across industry sectors and functional areas. Some students may choose to form a new venture while others may identify a specific intrapreneurial project or internship where they believe they can have significant and sustainable impact. Work with either nonprofit or for-profit companies is supported, but what will hold true across all supported summer experiences is that business acumen and market driven principles will be leveraged for sustainable positive impact on people and the planet.

Types of summer experiences supported

All Kellogg students are encouraged to apply for support of their innovative projects and impact internships. Below are examples of the types of work which will be considered for funding:

Social Entrepreneurship (Nonprofit or Social Enterprise):

  • Pilot/Prototype Funding
  • Summer Internships
  • Executive Shadowing
  • Field & Market Research
  • Business Plan Competitions
Internships in:
  • Impact Investing
  • Corporate Social Impact
  • Nonprofit Leadership
  • Social Entreprises or B. Corps

Summer award opportunities

Students pursuing a summer internship are eligible for a stipend of up to $5,000*; for paid internships, total compensation cannot exceed $14,000. Students pursuing their own ventures are eligible for a stipend of up to $5,000, to be used at their discretion, and an award of up to $5,000, to be used to cover documented business expenses. Limited number available.

*Compensation of $5,000 per student represents the baseline for Chicago; up to $7,000 with cost of living adjustments; if the internship is paid, total compensation cannot exceed $14,000.

NewDay Social Entrepreneurship Summer Award
New impact venture? The NewDay Social Entrepreneurship Summer Award supports one business venture each summer with an integrated social and/or environmental mission (nonprofit or for-profit) that is located in or benefits the Chicagoland area. Involvement of Northwestern students outside of Kellogg, particularly undergraduates, is encouraged and recognized during the evaluation process.

LEAP Innovations Summer Stipend and Working Space Award
New education technology? The LEAP Innovations Summer Stipend and Working Space Award is designed to help launch or support up to two edtech startups and is generously funded by LEAP Innovations and Social Impact at Kellogg.

Download the slide deck from the KIEI and KPPI/Social Impact Summer Opportunities Kickoff on January 10, 2017.

Additional entrepreneurship internships and awards are available on the Levy Entrepreneurial Practice website.

Application process

All stipends and awards listed here will share a common application process. Details of each program, including application deadlines and application questions, can be accessed here: Social Impact Summer Opportunities Application.
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