Club Resources

Planning Your Club Event

Obtaining Event Approval  
Contains the submission forms, information and policies necessary to hold a club event.
Inviting a Speaker
Steps to bring speakers to Kellogg plus a comprehensive list of past speakers.
Soliciting Sponsorship
The Corporate Partnerships (CP) Department advises and supports student clubs and conferences with their corporate sponsorship solicitations.
Booking a Classroom
Reserve a room at the Jacobs Center for your next club event. Information about room sizes and equipment is also available.
Booking Transportation
Policies and procedures for ordering transportation for a group event.
Requesting AV Support
Submit a request for AV support for your club event. Please submit your request at least five (5) business days prior to your event.

Food and Catering

Food Order Cost Estimator  
Use this tool to estimate the food order cost for your club's event and view the guidelines for placing an order .Then fill out the order form below to place your order.
Group Food Order Form  
Order food for your group through the Office of Student Affairs ordering service. Upon submission, Student Affairs will take care of placing the order, paying upfront, signing the receipt, and making sure your order gets to the correct place. If you have any questions, please contact Student Affairs.
KafeKellogg Catering
You can also order food directly though Kafe Kellogg for your group’s events. Kafe Kellogg boasts a wide variety of catering options and provides a more professional presentation than your average catering service.

Promoting Your Event

Communication Resources
View the guidelines for creating and distributing the following types of promotional material:
  • Flyers
  • Broadcast Email
  • Calendar
  • Serial Announcements
  • Atrium Media Wall
  • Posters on Easels
  • Table Tents
  • Atrium Stairs Landing
  • CampusGroups
Templates, Logos and Branding Resources
All club communication to external audiences must follow Kellogg brand guidelines. Learn what those guidelines are and how the Marketing & Communications department can help.
Printing and Other Resources (Coming Soon)
See a list of printing and other materials vendors and guidelines. 

Club Reimbursements/Vendor Payments

Below are the instructions for student club reimbursements and vendor payments:

Individuals Seeking Reimbursement 
Submit your reimbursement request online within 30 days of the receipt date.
Treasurer Online Reimbursement Approval 
Review and approve reimbursement requests for your club using OnBase Web Client.
Pay a Vendor Directly from a Club Budget 
Club Treasurer instructions to pay a vendor directly from their club budget via University Check.


CampusGroups - How-To's/Club Tools
Learn about Kellogg's CampusGroups: what it is, how to access it, and how to use all of the features available through it. This site is designed to be a help resource for both the everyday user as well as club officers.
You must use Campusgroups to host your club website. No external websites are allowed.