Policy Regarding Payment/Reimbursement for Student Events

Student organized events where alcohol will be present (regardless of wheather the club is purchasing/reimbursing for alcohol or not) must comply with Northwestern University’s on-campus and off-campus policies.

The Student Affairs Club Coordinator  will assist all Kellogg clubs in obtaining all the required documentation needed for prior approval of events where alcohol will be present.  Please allow a minimum of 15 business days for review and approval.

Pre-Approval Process for Off-Campus and Non-Kafe Kellogg Events at Jacobs 

  1. Student club member will get in touch with vendor for event arrangements (Never put any money down until approval is granted). See a list of our pre-contracted venues here, which require less back end paperwork than non-precontracted venues.
  2. Student club member will submit  Event Planning Form and any additional vendor/venue required contracts to this address a minimum of 15 business days in advance of event. Please note that approval times will vary based on event.  Make sure to review the FAQ's for on-campus and off-campus events listed above as well before submitting. 
  3. Club Coordinator will accept the Event Planning Form enter it into a SharePoint file. The SharePoint will be accessed by Student Affairs, KSA, and the NU Kellogg SOFO representative.
  4. Club Coordinator will contact the vendor/venue for signatures on NU alcohol rider and event planning form, collect a copy of the vendor’s certificate of insurance with NU listed additional insured and forward all documents/contracts for review and signatures.
  5. Club Coordinator or Student Affairs representative will notify the student event organizer once an event is given final approval.

Payment/Reimbursement Request

Reimbursement requests must adhere to all University policies and procedures. Failure to do so will result in a denial of reimbursement. To file for reimbursement, follow this link.


Student event contracts need to be reviewed and approved by the University through the Student Affairs Office or the Office of the Dean before a payment is made. It takes a minimum of 20 business days to process contracts. Deposits and final payments on contracts will be done directly from the SOFO or KSA account and will take an additional 10-15 business days to be processed after a contract is fully approved. If a University check is needed for an event, please be sure to take processing time into account when booking your event.

Students are not allowed to sign contracts. If a contract is signed by a student, it will make them personally responsible for fulfilling the terms of the contract and remove the University from having any responsibility or liability.

Payments to performers or individuals

For payment to performers or individuals  (DJ, Referee, Bands, etc.) follow the steps below:

  1. If the performer/individual provides a contract, use the same approval process as the contracts section above.
  2. If the performer/individual does not provide a contract, you will need to have them sign this NU contract, and submit it through the approval process.
  3. All individual performers (i.e. not incorporated, or an LLC) will need to be paid by itemized invoice and University Check. Students may never pay individuals directly.
  4. Along with the itemized invoice, have the vendor fill out and submit a w-9 signed in this calendar year.
  5. Once the contract is approved through Student Affairs, your group treasurer can submit the itemized invoice, w-9 and a completed SOFO voucher form to the metal box in the Club Coordinator's Office in RM 104.

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