Mandatory First Class Attendance Policy

Mandatory First Attendance means that in order to remain enrolled in a class with this designation, the student must attend the first class session. The professor will instruct the Registrar to remove students who did not attend the mandatory first class and to add, in the order they appear on the waiting list, students who did attend the mandatory first class.

When a course is marked Mandatory First Attendance, once the class has started, students will not be able to add themselves to the roster or waitlist, nor can they automatically move from the waitlist onto the roster. Before the start of the class, bidding and registration for Mandatory First Attendance classes works as with any other section. After the mandatory first class has started, only the Registrar can move a student into the class, based on a request from the professor.

Before the first day of class, the Registrar will send each instructor a link to the roster and waitlist. During the first class session, the instructor will take attendance. Students who will be dropped from the class for non-attendance and students who will be added to the roster will receive an email from the instructor. The instructor will also send an email to the Registrar indicating which students to add and drop. These adds and drops are entirely at the professor's discretion. If a student was not on the roster and did not receive an email from the professor informing him/her that they would be added, then that student will not be added.

Waiting lists are cleared at the end of the first week of class, so if a student drops after the add deadline, you cannot be added even if you attended the first class.

Excused Absences

Courses with Mandatory First Attendance status must allow students to miss the first class session and remain enrolled in the class for specific excused absences:

  • Religious holiday
  • Medical emergency
  • Funeral attendance
  • Natural disasters or other “acts of God.”

In addition, a professor’s discretion shall prevail in the event of other extenuating circumstances not listed above. To qualify as an excused absence, a student must contact the professor via e-mail prior to the first class session.

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