Navigating the Online Course Bidding System


You must enter your netid and password to use the Kellogg Course Bidding and Registration system.


You can navigate through the system via the tabs across the top of each page. When Bidding and Resolution rounds are active, you will see:

  • Class Search
  • Messages
  • My Cart
  • My Classes
  • My Schedule
  • My Points
Between rounds you will see:
  • Messages
  • My Cart

Displayed at the top of each page are your name, the active term, your current number of items in Cart, Bids, Enrollments and Waitlists, and your current number of points.


Check this page for last minute updates and to see the schedule for the current bidding term. To see previous messages, click the Archive button.


The Class Search enables you to seach on a variety of criteria, or to display all classes. You can also sort the search results by clicking on the column headings where available.

Within the search results you can:

  • Click on the course to display a description of the course
  • Prerequisites and the scheduling information for the section
  • Click on Links to Course TCE's
  • Course Bidding Statistics
  • Instructor Bio
  • Instructor TCE's
  • Instructor Bidding Statistics

Add sections to your Cart, or you can Bid for/ Enroll in the sections during appropriate times.


This is a workspace to store course sections of interest. It is more efficient than wading through all the sections offered for the quarter through Search for Classes. Links to Course TCE's, Course Bidding Statistics, Instructor Bio, Instructor TCE's and Instructor Bidding Statistics are all available from this page.

  • You can also Bid for/ Enroll in the sections during appropriate times.
  • You can delete from the Cart by selecting individual sections and clicking ‘Delete from Cart’


This page shows all current Bid positions, Enrollment positions, and Waitlist positions for the current round, along with the points held for each position. Each of these can be dropped from this display, and Rosters and Bids can be modified.

When Drop is specified, a warning message will ask if you are sure you want to continue with the Drop.

When Modify is specified, you will be shown your current bid and given the option to change the points or simply close the modify step.

Links to Course Catalog, Instructor Bio, Instructor TCE's and Instructor Bid Statistics are all available from this page.


My My Points summarizes your your points allocations for the current round and presents a ledger of all of your points-related bidding and enrollment activity for the academic year. The Points Ledger is similar to a checking account ledger. It shows all the transactions that change bid points.