Kellogg Public Computing Equipment
Problem Reporting

Please use this form to report problems with Kellogg public computing equipment in Jacobs, McManus, Wieboldt (Chicago), and Miami buildings. Equipment issues may relate to computer, monitors, or other equipment in labs, hallways, group rooms, classrooms, etc.

Your report will be forwarded to a Kellogg Information Systems staff member for investigation and resolution. We appreciate your assistance in reporting any problem you experience so we can correct it as soon as possible.

Your Name:

Your E-mail Address:      
Equipment's Name/Number:
Provide the computer station number, ethernet jack number, or printer queue name. (This information can be found on a white label on the front of the piece of equipment.) For problems with other types of equipment, provide the room number where the equipment is located.
Location of Malfunctioning Equipment:      

Description of Problem:
Describe the nature, severity, and location of the problem.

Thank you!

Kellogg Administration
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