Computing Facilities

For additional information on any of the available UNIX systems, please follow the links provided.

  • Kellogg's Unix Server (Skew): Skew is a Dell PowerEdge 6850 server, running Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release. It has four six core Intel Xeon processors. The total RAM space of Skew is 256GB, and the total storage available is 20TB. Kellogg faculty, doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers are eligible for accounts.
  • The Social Science Computing Cluster (SSCC): This is a Linux environment with access to 260 AMD Opteron, most running at 2.8GHz CPUs and 4GB of RAM per node in each compute node (versus 16 in the master nodes, seldon and hardin). Users get a quota of of 5GB by default and can run up to 8 concurrent jobs in batch. The SSCC is funded jointly by NUIT, the Weinberg College or Arts & Sciences and the Kellogg School of Management. Northwestern researchers in the social sciences are eligible for accounts in the system.
  • The High Performance Computing Cluster (HPC): A general-use high-performance computing platform of fastest computers in the world. The cluster consists of 504 nodes (with 5212 Intel cores and 48 to 128GB RAM per node). Authorized users are given a default quota of 50GB in their home directory. Faculty, doctoral students, and postdoctoral researchers are eligible to apply for accounts and computing allocations.


  • Kellogg Data Center (KDC): The Kellogg Data Center offers access to database and application servers. It supports the onboarding process that transforms source data into an SQL class database available directly from applications like STATA, SAS, or Matlab. The Kellogg Data Center is an integrated environment for storing and processing large amounts of data. It offers in total 120 CPUs, 0.5TB of RAM, and 300 TB of data storage specialized into data warehouse and application servers.

  • NUworkspace: NUworkspace is a Microsoft Windows virtual machine "farm." NUworkspace allows researchers to log into a Windows server remotely with access to a suite of selected software packages as well as access to network storage and the drives on the user's personal computer. The cluster is a collaborative venture between the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences and the Kellogg School of Management.

University Research Data Storage

  • Northwestern Box: Northwestern University has partnered with Box to deliver file-sharing services to faculty, employees, and The Graduate School (TGS) students. Northwestern Box provides 30 GB of individual, flexible online space for storing or sharing files at no additional cost to schools, departments, or individuals. All Box content can be accessed online from computers or mobile devices.

Other Facilities
The backbone of Kellogg's computing infrastructure is a Microsoft Windows network. Every faculty member and doctoral student at Kellogg gets a Windows account with a default allocation of 200MB in his/her home directory. This home directory is mapped as drive "H:" when the user logs in. 

Kellogg maintains two computer laboratories, one in the Jacobs complex and one in Wieboldt Hall. Some machines in the two labs are labeled "special software" and include statistical and other research-related software packages.