Behavioral Research

Behavioral studies and experiments have been part of research in organizational behavior and marketing for many decades. More recently, experiments are of increasing importance in economics, political economy, and finance. Kellogg is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, which are available to all Kellogg faculty and PhD students conducting behavioral research. Topics studied in the labs include decision making, social justice, stereotyping, attitude formation and change, negotiation, team performance, leadership, power, and morality. Research Support provides data-collection and payment-processing assistance to Kellogg's behavioral researchers.

Kellogg currently has two behavioral laboratories with workstations for computer-aided experiments. The behavioral research facilities also include six breakout rooms, as well as audiovisual equipment for research purposes.

Kellogg actively maintains two primary subject pools, managed with Sona Systems, a web-based subject pool administration platform. The first pool, Kellogg Recruitment Registry, serves primarily in-lab experiments and is comprised of Northwestern University undergraduates, graduate students, staff, and community members within Evanston and Chicago. The second subject pool, Kellogg eLab, consists of local and nonlocal participants, recruited nationwide for online research studies.