Risk in the Health Care Industry: The Patient Safety Education Project

Report from the governing council meeting at the Institute of Medicine for the Patient Safety Education Project

In May 2006, the Patient Safety Education Project (PSEP) convened a meeting of its Governing Council, hosted by Dr. Harvey Fineberg, President of the Institute of Medicine (IoM), in Washington, DC.


The goal of the meeting was to complete the process of buy-in on the overall program design and to build consensus on the content of the core curriculum that PSEP is creating.

Members of the governing council

Members of the Governing Council included patient safety pioneers, funders, and thought leaders of major national stakeholder groups including: education, accreditation groups, physician, nurses, healthcare organizations, plan purchasers, international leaders, and patients/consumers.

Dr. Linda Emanuel

The members of the Governing Council considered the prototype curriculum and program design, and potential contributing curricular materials that were presented by the Core Team. They also examined the business case for their and others' involvement in PSEP. They gave a unified endorsement for the project. Pictured is Linda Emanuel, MD, PhD, presenting the prototype curriculum.

The Core Team

The Core Team is pictured. Left to right, members include: Denys Lau, PhD, John R. Combes, MD, Tim Shaw, PhD, Linda Emanuel, MD, PhD, Joel Shalowitz, MD, MBA, FACP, and Martin J. Hatlie, Esq. They have since designed an educational framework and compiled the contributing curricular materials to it. Based upon feedback from the Project's Advisory Group, the Core Team is currently refining the framework.

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