Winning Strategies


November 12-13, 2013
Application Deadline: November 8, 2013, 10 a.m.


Strategy and sustainability are today's key buzzwords. They embrace ideas and concepts about how to be more competitive and to enhance your long-term impact. Ask yourself: Do your activities match your mission? What distinguishes your organization from others in the field? What is the competitive advantage you enjoy that can be maintained over time. If these questions interest you, then WINNING STRATEGIES is the executive education program for you and your team.

This two-day program focuses on three separate components of organizational survival and success: mission, finance and strategy. Just as every organization should reexamine its mission every 3-5 years, it also ought to review its revenue sources and mix. Mission and finance are linked by a coordinated set of actions that define your organization's strategy. The goal for this program is that you leave with a better sense of the actions you and your organization can take to create and sustain a competitive advantage in carrying out your mission. To achieve a winning strategy, we help you focus on the key interrelated parts of your organization – mission, finance and strategy.

Who should attend?

  • CEO/Executive Directors, key board leaders
  • Funders, investors, grant makers
  • Consultants and nonprofit advisors

What will participants learn?

  • Balancing/rebalancing mission and finances for sustainability
  • Strategic thinking about building a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Developing and implementing strategy as a continuous cycle
  • Understand how well developed strategic decisions can improve your sustainability