Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship: New Ideas for a New Reality

Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship: New Ideas for a New Reality

October 23-24, 2013
Application Deadline: October 22, 2013, 10 a.m.


This new executive education program will explore the concepts of innovation and social entrepreneurship and what these new ideas mean for individual organizations and the nonprofit sector as a whole.

The program will begin by looking at the topic of innovation and creativity and how nonprofit leaders can begin to think differently about fulfilling the mission of their organizations. Next, participants will gain an understanding of social entrepreneurship and look at this topic along a continuum from philanthropy-dependent nonprofit organizations to pure social enterprises. Participants will learn about the legal structures, financing, measurement, and scale of social enterprises. The program will then shift to the topic of leadership in these types of organizations – what skills the leader must have, how to build a strong team, and how to motivate the team in this high risk and highly entrepreneurial environment. Finally, there will be a panel discussion featuring leaders from several highly successful Chicago-area social enterprises. Participants will be able to interact with the panel and connect the key learning objectives of the program with the experiences of the panelists.

Who should attend?
• Executive Directors and CEO's
• Senior nonprofit leaders
• Board members of nonprofit organizations