Program Descriptions

Successful Fundraising Strategies - January 28-29, 2013
The current fundraising environment is more challenging than ever before. This program will help fundraising professionals better understand the current trends and learn tactics that they can employ to reinvigorate their fundraising efforts.

Critical Issues in Board Governance – February 7, 2013

This dynamic program is designed for board members and will give an overview of the roles and responsibilities of the board member and the Executive Director/CEO. The program will also cover board evaluations and an innovative way to hold board meetings by moving toward more strategic and generative thinking.

Nonprofit Finance
– February 19-21, 2013 and October 8-10, 2013
This program will help senior executives improve their understanding of the entire financial picture of their organization. Participants will have the opportunity to better understand their financial statements, to spot financial trends, to identify areas of cost containment and to predict the implications of their management decisions.

Developing High Performing People
– March 11-12, 2013
This program will teach participants to effectively communicate expectations, visions and values to various stakeholders. Participants will also learn how to develop and bring to life a focused people strategy, to understand emotional intelligence and the role it plays in having difficult yet effective conversations and to prepare the organization for a leadership transition.

Selling Your Impact –  April 22-23, 2013
This program will teach nonprofit leaders and board members why measuring performance is important, how to measure results in any type of organization and how measurement can be linked to more money for your organization.

Strategic LeadershipApril 24-25, 2013 and October 21-22, 2013
Through lecture, exercises and interactive dialogue, participants will learn how to build on their own leadership strengths and the strengths of team members to leverage their organization for success. Participants will also discuss how leaders engage others by communicating vision, message, core purpose and story to compel others to take action.

Leading for the Future
May 6-7, 2013
This advanced program will discuss key developments in the theory and practice of effective leadership including team building, the science of social networks, diversity in organizations and crisis management.

Building Strong School Leaders  –  July 9-11, 2013
Today’s school leaders are expected not only to be academic thought leaders but also to be effective leaders setting vision and strategy, creating change and managing the teams necessary to improve their schools and build a successful school community. This new program offered at the Kellogg School of Management will provide school leaders (including principals, assistant principals, superintendents, lead teachers, board meetings, executive directors of education based nonprofits) with theories, tools and tactics to build their leadership capacity and support their ability to move their schools to greater success.

Essentials of Fundraising & Marketing – September 16-18, 2013
This program will give nonprofit leaders the tools necessary to effectively evaluate their fundraising and marketing efforts. Participants will learn the role of leadership in fundraising & marketing, solicitation & marketing strategies for different types of donors, the role that brand image plays in an organization and how to engage the board in fundraising & marketing efforts.

Innovation & Social Entrepreneurship: New Ideas for a New Reality
October 23-24, 2013
This new program will look at the concept of innovation and what that means for individual organizations and the nonprofit sector as a whole. Participants will gain an understanding of social entrepreneurship and how to lead a team effectively in a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Winning Strategies November 12-13, 2013 (*NEW DATES)
This program will focus on three separate components that will lead to the organizational success of a nonprofit: mission, finance and strategy. Specifically, participants will learn about the link between mission and finance, how to determine the organization's competitive advantage and strategy and they will be given a tool for effective program rationalization.

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