Funding and Networking Opportunities - Summer Internships & Awards

Detailed below are several internship stipend  and internship opportunities. 

Want to learn more?  Download the slide deck from the KIEI and Social Impact Summer Opportunities Kickoff on January 10, 2017.

Kellogg Entrepreneurship Internship Program (KEIP) Stipend
Summer internships with startups provide students the opportunity to ‘test’ entrepreneurship. Students can expect to undertake market research, analyze new pricing models and potential channels, explore exit strategies and more. Internships are 10 weeks and can be located anywhere in the world. If accepted, students will receive a matching stipend of up to $5,000 that will supplement their salaries.

Startup Stipend
Students committed to working on their own ventures over the summer and have proven product-market fit are eligible for a stipend of up to $7,000 to use at their discretion.

Growth & Scaling Internship and Stipend
Do you hope to take one of the many paths to entrepreneurship through acquisition? Are you interested in owning or running your own mid-sized company? Would you like to work with a private equity firm to provide specific industry and operating expertise that they need in order to generate above-market returns? There are opportunities for MBA students across a spectrum of career paths to make meaningful contributions to growing middle market companies.

Corporate Innovation Internships
Corporations understand the importance of innovation to keep themselves relevant and competitive.  Corporations are seeking younger and entrepreneurial-trained recruits to infuse new ideas into the corporation.  Kellogg wants to be on the forefront of training and placing students in corporate innovation labs. 

Center for Family Enterprise Summer Internship Cohort Program
Would you like to complete a summer internship within your family’s business, another family’s business, or within a family foundation or philanthropy with the support of a professor from the Center for Family Enterprises (CFE)? The Center for Family Enterprise Summer Internship Cohort Program is for first-year students who are considering entering/re-entering their family enterprise sometime after graduation.

Information on summer internship stipends and/or awards for startups with a social impact can be found on the Social Impact website.