Funding and Networking Opportunities - While You are at Kellogg

Levy Social Entrepreneurship Lab Launch Awards
The Levy Social Entrepreneurship Lab Launch Awards are designed to provide students with a small amount of financial support to pilot a concept in an effort to determine whether a concept will work.  The Carol and Larry Levy Social Entrepreneurship Lab understands that the best way to determine whether a concept will work is to test it.  More information, including information on the application process and timeline, is available here.

Project Impact
Financial support is available for students aspiring to have a positive impact across industry sectors and functional areas. Some students may choose to form a new venture while others may identify a specific intrapreneurial project where they believe they can have significant and sustainable impact. But what will hold true across all supported projects is that business acumen and market driven principles will be leveraged for sustainable positive impact on people and the planet.

Zell Scholars Program
The Zell Scholars Program is designed to be a unique, applied entrepreneurial education for a select number of Kellogg MBA students with a passion for new business creation. The program combines classwork, fieldwork, experiences, coaching and services to provide an aspiring entrepreneur with the tools and resources they will need to develop, launch and grow successful ventures.