Events and Conferences

Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Inspiration Days (SIEID)
Social Innovation

A Northwestern student uses a design research method to understand the motivations of farmers in Candelaria, Honduras.  Photo @ Galen Macluskey 

Passionate about using your MBA to positively impact the world? Eager to chart your social innovation path at Kellogg? Seeking fellow classmates that share your interest in food security, health/wellness, clean energy, water access, social justice, poverty mitigation, etc.? Over the course of a day and a half, we will help you find classmates who share your social innovation interests and prepare you to use your time at Kellogg to maximize the impact you’ll have on the issues important to you. You will hear from Kellogg social entrepreneurs about how they’re using their MBAs to start world changing businesses and from Kellogg faculty and staff about opportunities you will have throughout your time at Kellogg.   More information is available here

Kellogg eChats
Technology consistently changes the way we think about the world at a pace never before seen. Created by Kellogg students for Kellogg students, the Kellogg eChats series provides MBA candidates with an opportunity to meet leading thought leaders. The monthly series affords students an opportunity to learn from these leaders and pose questions on topics such as wearables, bitcoin, and other such topics that are changing the way we interact with technology.

NewDay Innovating for Chicago Speaker Series
Read about the Chicago-based speakers who will speak on Innovation and Entrepreneurship.  If you are looking for your "Big Idea" then speakers will help point you to areas that are ripe for disruption.

Entrepreneur in Residence Program
The Entrepreneur in Residence program enables students sincerely interested in entrepreneurship to learn from experts in a personable one-on-one session. Each quarter, 4-5 experts will be invited to spend an entire day meeting with students in 30 minute sessions to answer any question that s/he has and to provide advice.  E-I-R’s include experienced entrepreneurs and investors. 

Students that attend these meetings report multiple benefits:
• Customized, tailored feedback on the students’ venture or concept
• An experienced view of entrepreneurship challenges already overcome by the E-I-R
• A point-of-time by which to organize the most salient questions relating to the venture or aspirations to be an entrepreneur
• Confidential answers to questions
• Potential networking benefits
• Potential relationship with the E-I-R

Sign up for an appointment with an E-I-R on Campus Groups.  Email your questions to

Corporate Renewal Conference
The Kellogg Corporate Renewal Conference is an annual event, first debuted in the fall of 2014. The theme of the inaugural conference was Corporate Renewal Through Strategy and Innovation: Ways to Invigorate Growth and Scaling, and took place on Oct. 22 at the University Club of Chicago. Read more about the inaugural conference here.

KIN Global
The Kellogg Innovation Network (KIN) is a platform for on-going collaboration between Kellogg faculty, corporate innovation leaders, nonprofits and government. Founded in 2003, the KIN facilitates strategy and management dialogue to promote innovation led growth and build long-term value.

The KIN Global Summit is a flashpoint for innovation and action that fosters global prosperity. We unite top leaders from myriad professions, countries and industries to define what it means to build and sustain a prosperous global society. Read more about KIN here.

Startup NU 
Startup Weekend is a two-day event where NU student entrepreneurs, developers, designers, marketers and all-around business enthusiasts will be immersed in the business development process in overdrive.  In 2013, this took place on November 9-10, 2013.  More information is available here

entrepreneur@nu Conference
The e@nu conference aims to encourage mechanisms for promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in all areas of life.  This year's conference was held on April 25, 2014.  Read more about it here.

Student Treks
Treks are student-led trips to U.S. cities visiting 4 to 12 companies that represent specific industries and functions. The trips provide students with an opportunity to meet and network with professionals — including Kellogg alumni — in an area of interest. Treks are one day in length on Wednesdays or multiple days (2-5) over breaks. Each trek has a unique process for signing up, which will be communicated by the trek leaders utilizing the club listservs, as well as the CMC.