The Levy Institute and the Kellogg Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative provide students interested in entrepreneurship and social impact a variety of opportunities to engage with Kellogg faculty, alumni and business professionals.

From networking events and conferences to internships, scholars programs and startup funding, Kellogg students are granted access to a network of individuals and organizations in private equity, venture capital, social impact, the startup community and more.

If you have questions about these opportunities, please contact kiei@kellogg.northwestern.edu.

Featured Event

Featured Speaker | Paul Bennett, Chief Creative Officer, IDEO
“Love, Beauty, Religion, Death & Space: Design’s Next Frontiers”
January 27, 2015 | Kellogg School of Management

Paul Bennett, Chief Creative Officer of IDEO, works with clients, partners and colleagues to bring to market human-centric, commercially successful and socially significant new businesses, products, services and experiences. He is responsible for content excellence across IDEO and is active in developing and publishing new thinking in the field of human-centered and design-led innovation. A bonafide rockstar in the innovation and design world, Paul spoke to students from across Northwestern on the future of design. Topics included how IDEO has harnessed design to foster innovation in health care, education, and communities by focusing on love, beauty, religion, death and space. Learn more by watching the event video below.