Majors & Requirements

The below requirements apply to students who have matriculated before June 2015. Please see new requirements for students matriculating on or after June 2015.

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Designed to meet the needs of budding entrepreneurs in all areas of business, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship major is made up of one required course and three elective courses (not 3.0 credits).

The required course is New Venture Discovery (KIEI-462), which focuses on ideation and the business modeling of new ideas.  Any of the following courses can serve as a substitute for New Venture Discovery:
  • any of the NUvention courses (KIEI 930, 931, 950, 951, 952 or HEMA 915 and 916)
  • Design Thinking (DSGN-490)
  • proof of previous coursework that includes design thinking and instruction around the business model canvas

The three elective courses can be selected from a list of courses that qualify for the major, whether they are A, B or full-term courses.

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship major encourages students to explore innovation as it impacts the growth of ventures throughout the lifecycle of a business. New Venture Discovery (KIEI-462) is the cornerstone of the major as the fundamentals learned in this course can apply to both early stage ventures as well as in corporate environments. The electives for the major provide an opportunity to further explore innovation in the context of launching, revitalizing or growing a business. The multidisciplinary approach incorporates classroom studies, experiential learning and external learning opportunities that integrate with the entrepreneurial community in Chicago and beyond. 

For more information on which courses satisfy this major, visit the Majors & Requirements pages for the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative (KIEI) major.