Majors & Requirements

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Designed to meet the needs of budding entrepreneurs in all areas of business, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship major is made up of one required course and three elective courses (not 3.0 credits).

The required course is New Venture Discovery (KIEI-462), which focuses on ideation and the business modeling of new ideas. The three elective courses can be selected from a list of courses that qualify for the major, whether they are A, B or full-term courses.

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship major provides a “launch pad” for new ventures, where students become equipped for a successful business launch at or even prior to graduation. The multidisciplinary approach incorporates classroom studies, experiential learning and external learning opportunities, and integrates with the entrepreneurial community in Chicago and beyond.

Upon graduation, a student’s “toolkit” will be filled with knowledge about the business modeling process, raising capital from institutions and individuals, building the founding team, designing successful sales, marketing, and pricing strategies, managing the growth of the company, growing through acquisitions, and taking the company public or selling the company.

Entrepreneurship courses (formerly ENTR) are now coded as KIEI courses. For more information on which courses satisfy this major, visit the Majors & Requirements pages for the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative (KIEI) major. You can also link to the new course listing (KIEI) from the old course listing (ENTR) in the course catalog.