PT Entrepreneurship Pathway

Learn about the curriculum, events and engagement opportunities offered for part-time students by the Kellogg Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative, by downloading the 2013 KIEI PTMBA Kickoff Presentation.

PT Entr Pathway
PT Entr Pathway

For students in the PT MBA program, the Entrepreneurship Pathway follows a sequence, but many of the courses can be taken in any quarter.  The intent is the same as that of the 1Y or 2Y MBA program:  that the student businesses developed through these courses will be prepared to launch upon graduation.

Stage 1: Discovery
KIEI 462: New Venture Discovery
This class will focus on the initial stages of idea generation, team formation and testing key assumptions of a business idea. This class is required for the entrepreneurship major. The class is offered in fall, winter, and spring quarters, and is relevant for any student interested in innovation in either the corporate or start-up environment. 

Stage 2: Ideation
Launchpad Courses:
• Innovation Lab
• NUvention:  Medical

Experiential Courses:
Private Equity (Buyout) Lab
 Venture Lab

Building Block Courses:
• The Entrepreneurial Firm: Building the Winning Team
• Entrepreneurial Selling: Skills & Strategies
• Entrepreneurial Tools for Digital Marketing
• Intellectual Property for Entrepreneurs
• Business Law for Entrepreneurs
• Corporate Innovation and New Ventures
• Product Management for Technology Companies: An Entrepreneurial Perspective
• Start-up Programming & Management
• Global Governance for Privately Held Companies

Once KIEI 462 is completed, students can apply to one of the Launchpad courses to test and launch their business.  NUvention Medical can be substituted for KIEI 462 in the fall.  If students do not want to pursue their own business idea, they can take one or more of the experiential courses to learn what it is like to work with early and growth stage ventures. The Building Block courses can be taken at any time in the fall, winter and spring quarters to obtain practical knowledge on specific entrepreneurial skills.

Stage 3: Launch
NU Venture Challenge
New World Ventures LaunchU
NewDay Social Entrepreneurship Launch Award
Kellogg Social Entrepreneurship Award
KIN Global
Kellogg 1871 Work Space
Other local, national, and international competitions
Local and national accelerators

Kellogg and Northwestern have several competitions and accelerator entry options to get your venture launched. These will generally take place during spring quarter and into the summer, post-graduation.