Competition Successes

Northwestern University Venture Challenge
June 4, 2015

Grand Prize and First Place, Life Sciences/Medical Track

Opticent Health: Kieren Patel '16
Second Place Overall, First Place, Green Energy/Sustainability Track
GTrans: Durgendra Singh '16 and Adithya Mohanakrishnan '16
Third Place Overall, First Place, Business Products Track
MDAR Technologies, Inc.: Jesse Chang '16 and Chris Gezon '16

First Place, Consumer Products Track
Snackerie: Lorena Arathoon '15
Second Place, Business Products Track
SparX Technology: Ty Findley '15, Kyle Coots '15, and Eric Haddenhorst '15
Second Place, Consumer Products Track
RateYourBurn: Gillian Casten '16
Second Place, Life Sciences/Medical Track
UroProx: Michael Jung '15
As Northwestern’s premiere business pitch competition, NUVC challenges enterprising students to build the future. Preliminary round judging evaluates the quality of competitors' business models, along with sustainability, market opportunities and finances. Teams advancing to the semifinals and finals rounds prepare five- and seven-minute presentations to be followed by five-minute question and answer periods, during which the judges may ask the teams specific questions regarding the startup plans. The most innovative and promising student startups receive capital and mentorship so their ideas will become real, grow and make an impact. Grand prize winner Opticent Health aims to make personalized medicine a scalable reality by developing patient-specific, cost-efficient medical devices for the diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases. The GTrans team won second place overall with its plan for increasing the safety of Li-ion batteries. Third place overall went to MDAR Technologies, Inc., for its next-generation 3D vision system for autonomous vehicles. Other Kellogg winners included Snackerie, healthy fruit chips; SparkX Technology, a new ignition device; RateYourBurn, online reviews of fitness instructors; and UroProx, a surgical safety tool.

MIT Clean Energy Prize
May 9, 2015

Audience Choice

Emreso: Boris Aleynik '15
The MIT Clean Energy Prize, awarded by Eversource Energy, is a multistage, student-organized business plan competition in which teams vie for a $275,000 Grand Prize and category prizes. University teams from across the United States enter their business ideas in one of three categories: Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, or Infrastructure and Resources. Over the course of two months, a set of industry professionals judges and mentors the teams. Emreso earned recognition for its development of a new electromagnetic geophysical method of monitoring fluid/gas movement, enhancing oil field recoveries and helping operators control reservoir behavior and monitor carbon sequestration.
Global Venture Labs Investment Competition
May 7, 2015

Nemec Elevator Pitch

SparX Technology: Ty Findley '15, Kyle Coots '15 and Eric Haddenhorst '15

Honorable Mention

Opticent Health: Kieren Patel '16 
Global VLIC, the Super Bowl of Investment Competitions, is the premiere world-wide investment competition. Jon Brumley Texas Venture Labs hosts the event each May at The University of Texas at Austin. Teams from around the world compete for $78,000 in cash and other prizes. SparX Technology plans to revolutionize current electrical and non-electrical ignition systems by introducing patented, reusable 100-percent composite plastic ignition technology. Opticent Health aims to push the envelope of possibilities for individualized health care monitoring and delivery.
Giants Entrepreneurship Challenge
April 24 and 25, 2015

First Place and Most Innovative

Opticent Health: Kieren Patel '16
The School of Entrepreneurship at the University of North Dakota hosted its annual business plan competition at the school’s Center for Innovation in Grand Forks, North Dakota, on April 24 and 25. Experienced entrepreneurs and business development specialists judged the competition, open to all student teams at colleges and universities in the United States and Canadian provinces. Winning team Opticent Health wants to make personalized medicine a scalable reality by developing patient-specific, cost-efficient medical devices for the diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases.

2014 Delta Institute Boost Competition
April 22, 2015

Boost Crowd-Funded Project Winner

Fresh Coast Capital: Nicole Chavas '15, April Mendez '16 and Laura Kimes '15
BOOST (Building Opportunities for Original and Sustainable Thinking) competitors vie for crowd funding for their projects, which support innovations related to energy, ecosystems and waste management. Entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to audience members, who vote for two winning teams to receive funding for their startups. Winning team Fresh Coast Capital seeks to revitalize vacant land and brownfields in urban communities through the power of tree farming. (Photo by Bill Guerriero.)

MBA Impact Investing Network & Training competition (MIINT)
April 18, 2015

Best Impact Investment

Alexandra Korijn '15, Jamie Lynn Lu '16, Blair Minarik Pircon '16, Ashley Luse '15, Duda Cardoso '16 and Rebecca Ann Sholiton '16
The MBA Impact Investing Network & Training (MIINT) program engages student-led teams from prominent business schools across the world in learning how to think like impact investors. The year-long program – run by Bridges Impact+, the advisory arm of specialist fund manager Bridges Ventures, in partnership with the Wharton Social Impact Initiative – teaches students how to source and conduct diligence on early-stage impact investments. Participants then compete at a live pitch event. A Kellogg team won first place for the second straight year. Six students presented Infiniteach, a seed-stage education company offering tablet-based learning applications that provide teachers and parents with customized solutions for children with autism.
BAHM (Business School Alliance for Health Management) Case Competition
April 18, 2015

Second Place

Move Health: Maggie Ryan '15 and Sami Greenberg '15 
Sponsored by businesses and organizations, Bahm Case Competitions take place annually at a different BAHM school, and each member school selects students to represent it. Students generally submit written papers and deliver formal presentations, which BAHM member faculty then judge. The event gives participants an opportunity to receive cash prizes and, often, academic credit, and to meet students from other BAHM schools. Move Health earned second place for its plan to provide physical therapy over a HIPAA-compliant Web and mobile video platform, connecting patients and licensed physical therapists to enable evaluation and treatment sessions from the comfort of one’s own home.
Rice Business Plan Competition
April 16, 2015

Energy Ventures Best Energy Team Prize

Emreso: Boris Aleynik '15
Challenge Round Winner
UroProx: Michael Jung '15
The world’s richest and largest graduate-level student startup competition, the Rice Business Plan Competition is hosted and organized by the Rice Alliance for Technology and Entrepreneurship and the Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University. Now in its 15th year, the competition includes 42 teams from around the world competing for more than $1 million in cash and prizes. Kellogg's Emreso team, winner of the Energy Ventures Best Energy Team Prize, has exclusive access to an advanced technology developed in Russia for geophysical surveying. UroProx, a Challenge Round winner, is an innovative proximity sensing system to help surgeons more precisely localize the ureter and other vital structures – and avoid injury – during surgical procedures. (Photos courtesy of Slyworks Photography.)

Quinlan Social Enterprise Competition
April 11, 2015

Third Place

New Hope Ecotech: Luciana Silva De Oliveira '15 and Thiago Ascencao Carvalho Pinto '15
Sponsored by Loyola University Chicago’s Quinlan School of Business, the annual Quinlan Social Enterprise Competition provides an opportunity for individuals who are interested in developing and launching social enterprises to present their business plans to a panel of judges. Third-place winner New Hope Ecotech proposes a technology solution that will increase the urban poor's income and decrease manufacturers' economic costs to transform Brazil’s recycling future into an industry of hope.
New Venture Championship
April 11, 2015

Third Place

UroProx: Michael Jung '15

Touchtrail: Gaurav Shenai '15
The University of Oregon’s Lundquist College of Business presents the New Venture Championship, the original six-round business competition for graduate students. NVC has evolved into the premiere international entrepreneurial investment competition since it was founded in 1992. The 16 accepted teams have an opportunity to share their ventures and grow as both entrepreneurs and students. Third-place winner UroProx is developing a magnetic sensing solution to interpret proximity from a surgical tool to the ureter. Semifinalist Touchtrail helps game studios and app developers maximize user engagement and customer lifetime value by providing advanced predictive and prescriptive data analytics.

Wharton People Analytics Conference Case Competition
April 10, 2015

Third Place

Zac Seidel '16, KJ Plank '16 and Dan Metzel '16
The case competition asked teams to analyze data from YearUp, a nonprofit that empowers low-income young adults to go from poverty to professional careers in a single year, and to make recommendations to help YearUp improve its program effectiveness. Case competition finalists presented in front of a panel of judges, including representatives from YearUp and experts in the field of people analytics from industry, as well as leading academics. Zac Seidel, a member of the third-place team, said the competition offered opportunities to connect with people-focused academics and analytics professionals to learn about leading ideas and trends; provide robust, actionable insights for an innovative nonprofit organization; and draw inspiration for the long-term goal of being data-driven leaders who build strong teams that create lasting value.
MIT Africa Innovate Business Plan Competition 2015
April 3, 2015

Audience Favorite

Matatu Money: Guy Rozentsveig '16 and Eric Leventhal '16
An initiative of the MIT Sloan Africa Business Club, this competition at the MIT Africa Innovate Conference sought original and scalable ideas to solve important problems for Africa's inhabitants and stakeholders. MatatuMoney is a transportation optimization mobile app that directs mini-bus drivers to "hot pockets" of high demand, allows riders to find the best available rides and routes, and enables mini-bus owners to monitor and manage their fleets, all while allowing on-platform mobile payment.
VentureWell E-Team Program
April 1, 2015

Stage 2 Participant

UroProx: Michael Jung '15
The VentureWell E-Team Program gives college students the chance to move new tech ideas out of the lab and classroom and into the marketplace. The three-stage program provides grant funding, experiential workshops, veteran coaching and potential investment opportunities to help teams manifest the full commercial potential of their projects. Surgical device developer UroProx, one of 20 Stage 2 teams, received a cash prize, a business model development workshop and six monthly coaching sessions.
Wharton LatAm PE Competition
March 27, 2015

Second Place

Felippe Astrachan '16, Ignacio Caronia '16, Gabriel Goulardins '16 and Daniel Feldenheimer da Silva '16
The Latin America Private Equity competition provides a great networking opportunity for the private equity community focused in Latin America, with the participation of engaged top MBA students and leading GP executives. The Kellogg team, all first-year students, competed with 11 other teams before a panel of high-profile judges.The team earned first-place honors in the first-round bracket and second place overall after presenting an investment thesis focusing on a chain of universities in Peru.
Wharton MBA Buyout Case Competition
February 20, 2015

First Place

Michael Nazir Jiwani '15, Joe Joseph Long '15, Justin Ryan Marku '15 and Evan Edward Cooney '16
The premiere global MBA-level leveraged buyout case competition brings together teams from the leading business schools around the country and world. A panel of private equity professionals judges the presentations, and participants receive extensive networking opportunities. This is the second straight year a Kellogg team won the competition, which asked MBA students to make recommendations for a proposed private equity buyout for a major retailer.

Regional VCIC
February 13, 2015

Third Place

Ty Findley '15, Shani Taylor '16, Will Wright '16, Blair Pircon '16 and Eric Haddenhorst '15
During the regional competitions leading up to Global VCIC, the world’s largest venture capital competition among top MBA students, participating teams acted as venture capitalists by evaluating real startups, interacting with entrepreneurs and preparing term sheets. Real venture capitalists assessed the students' performances.
The mai Bangkok Business Challenge
February 12, 2015

Second Place

New Hope Ecotech: Luciana Silva De Oliveira '15 and Thiago Ascencao Carvalho Pinto '15
The mai Bangkok Business Challenge is Thailand's global new venture plan competition, conducted in English. All business plans submitted are evaluated not only in terms of economic soundness, but also for their ability to address relevant social and environmental concerns. New Hope Ecotech, striving to transform Brazil’s recycling future into an industry of hope, was one of 16 semifinalists chosen from 48 competing teams from 18 countries representing four continents.
Suzhou New District, Technological Innovation and Entrepreneurship Leader Competition
January 23, 2015

First Place

Kosmode Biotechnology Co., Ltd.: Rochelle Hua '15 and Cindy Ye '15
Last September, the team traveled to Suzhoua, the major city in the Jiangsu province of Eastern China, to give a final presentation on its startup project to a judging panel of veteran entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. In December, the students learned that they bested more than 2,600 teams to take the top spot.The team won cash and prizes for co-founding a food and nutrition startup in Suzhou. The winning startup, Kosmode Biotechnology Co., Ltd., focuses on commercializing food science technologies for general consumer use. Its first proposed product is a cranberry-based supplement that would help cure urinary tract infections.
Adobe Digital Analytics Competition
November 14, 2014

First Place

John Elder '15, Yajur Kapoor '15 and Alex Bourdeau '15
The 13th annual Adobe Digital Analytics Competition challenged students from universities across the nation to use Adobe’s data analytics software to tackle the challenges real-world companies face online. For this year’s challenge, students used Adobe’s data analytics software to improve the performance of Lenovo’s website in Mexico. Kellogg’s team of one-year students bested 66 teams to take first place in the event.

Global Venture Labs Investment Competition
May 1, 2014

Global Champion

Innoblative Designs: Tyler Wanke '15 and Jason Sandler '15
With aspiring entrepreneurs soliciting start-up funds from experienced investors, the VLIC, the world's premiere new business competition, simulates the real-world process of raising venture capital. MBAs from business schools around the globe present their business plans to panels of investors. From among myriad offerings is selected the best new-venture opportunity. Innoblative has innovated the treatment of breast cancer by designing an ablation probe that will allow surgeons to perform an intra-operative procedure that destroys residual cancer cells in minutes instead of weeks, does not require dangerous ionizing radiation, and dramatically reduces treatment costs compared to conventional therapy.
Walmart Better Living Business Plan Challenge
April 11, 2014

Second Place

Better Together: Sam Faycurry, SESP '16, Emily Gipple '15 and Katharine Yeskey '15
Walmart believes that today's businesses must take into account not only the profit potential of a new venture or product, but also the effect it has on the environment and on people. The Walmart Better Living Business Plan Challenge provides a forum for students to take their idea for a sustainable product or business solution and make that idea a reality. Better Together's mission is to help seniors age in place (in their homes). They accomplish this mission by facilitating woman-to-woman home sharing between seniors with extra bedrooms and compatible, responsible adults seeking affordable housing.
Rice Business Plan Competition
April 10, 2014

Fourth Place and Women’s Health Prize

Innoblative Designs: Jason Sandler '15 and Tyler Wanke '15
This team won fourth place overall and the Women’s Health Prize at the world’s largest graduate-level student startup competition. Innoblative is innovating the treatment of breast cancer by delivering therapy in minutes instead of weeks, for a fraction of the cost, and without dangerous ionizing radiation.
Morgan Stanley Sustainable Investing Challenge
April 4, 2014

First Place

Fresh Coast Capital: Nicole Chavas '15, April Mendez '16, Laura Kimes '15 and Nathen Holub '14,
This competition focuses on developing institutional-quality investment vehicles that seek positive environmental or social impact and competitive financial returns. Fresh Coast Capital proposed a fund that would lease brownfields from municipalities and then plant the land with hybrid poplar tree farms. The poplars would remove soil contamination, thereby restoring the land’s value and that of surrounding properties. In addition, the trees also could be harvested for commercial use in the pulp, paper and biomass power industries.
Clean Energy Challenge
April 2, 2014

First Place, Clean Energy Award

Meter Genius: Ty Benefiel '14, Hillary Hass WCAS '14 and Yan Man TGS '16
Funded by Chicago real estate developer McCaffery Interests Inc., Meter Genius won the Clean Energy Award for their technology which leverages smart meter data to help consumers reduce their energy use.
MBA Impact Investing Network & Training competition (MIINT)
March 21, 2014

Best Investment and Best Impact

Zoila Jennings '14, Jennifer Wittig '14 and Cindy Ye '15
MIINT provides students with impact investment training and first-hand experience with the impact investment process. In this annual program and competition, MIINT engages a network of student-led MBA teams at prominent business schools across the country in an impact investing competition. Approximately 200 students from 10 business schools source and conduct diligence on early stage impact investments, and present them to an Investment Committee of leading venture capital professionals. The Kellogg team backed Jail Education Solutions, a startup founded by Kellogg and Northwestern Law grads that provides tablet-based educational services to help inmates get their lives back on track and won the Best Investment and Best Impact awards for their work.
Stu Clark Investment Competition
March 14, 2014

Second Place

Innoblative Designs: Jason Sandler '15 and Tyler Wanke '15
Canada’s premiere business competition is judged by senior leaders and executives from a variety of private and public sector organizations. This year, the competition welcomed 16 graduate student teams from across North America – and one from as far away as Thailand. Innoblative won with their plan to treat breast cancer by delivering therapy in minutes instead of weeks, for a fraction of the cost, and without dangerous ionizing radiation.
Wharton Private Equity Buyout Case Competition
February 21, 2014

First Place

Emma Gergen '14, Keith Roux '14, Garrett Greer '14, Ben Kaplan '15 and Andrew Welch '14
This competition is the largest MBA-level leveraged buyout (LBO) case competition in the world, with teams representing more than 20 top MBA programs. Teams were given just five days to analyze Abercrombie & Fitch and prepare a 30-minute presentation for a panel of judges. In addition to the competition itself, participants meet and network with PE-focused MBA students from around the world at a number of receptions surrounding the main event. The Kellogg team won based on their recommendation to purchase Abercrombie for a 35 percent premium to last Friday’s closing price. Their presentation, which recommended aggressive reductions in store count/average store size, reviving the brand through new marketing initiatives and bringing in a CEO with more turnaround experience, was determined to be the best by a panel of nine senior professionals from the private equity industry.
Adobe Digital Analytics Competition
November 22, 2013

First Place

Esther Fang '14, Jason Shangkuan '14 and Susmita Saha '14
Third Place
Lauren Edmonson '14, Nathalie Rollandin '14 and Michela Wilde '14
Fourth Place
Iris Chae '14, Trinh Nguyen '14 and Alejandro Navarro Garcia '14
More than 90 teams from 11 universities submitted presentations to the Adobe Digital Analytics Competition. In Adobe's words, Kellogg “dominated” the competition, taking first, third and fourth place in the finals, as the teams sought to build a digital strategy for using the tech magazine’s site data.