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Fall 2010


Avi Dor and William Encinosa
How Does Cost-Sharing Affect Drug Purchases? Insurance Regimes in the Private Market for Prescription Drugs

Leslie M. Marx and Greg Shaffer
Slotting Allowances and Scarce Shelf Space

Anindya Sen and Peter G. C. Townley
Estimating the Impacts of Outlet Rationalization on Retail Prices, Industry Concentration, and Sales: Empirical Evidence from Canadian Gasoline Markets

Tournaments, Contests and Relative Performance Evaluation

Theofanis Tsoulouhas (Symposium Editor)
Introduction to the Symposium on Tournaments, Contests and Relative Performance Evaluation

Christian Riis
Efficient Contests

Pablo Casas-Arce
Career Tournaments

Anja Schöttner and Veikko Thiele
Promotion Tournaments and Individual Performance Pay

Florian Ederer
Feedback and Motivation in Dynamic Tournaments

Oliver Gürtler and Christine Harbring
Feedback in Tournaments under Commitment Problems: Experimental Evidence

Petra Nieken
On the Choice of Risk and Effort in Tournaments – Experimental Evidence

Amy Farmer and Paul Pecorino
Is the Coach Paid too Much?: Coaching Salaries and the NCAA Cartel



Volume 19
Number 2, Summer 2010

 Luís Almeida Costa and Luís Vasconcelos
Share the Fame or Share the Blame?  The Reputational Implications of Partnerships

Lingfang (Ivy) Li
Reputation, Trust, and Rebates:  How Online Auction Markets Can Improve Their Feedback Mechanisms

Ramon Casadesus-Masanell and Andres Hervas-Drane
Peer-to-Peer File Sharing and the Market for Digital Information Goods

Heski Bar-Isaac, Guillermo Caruana and Vicente Cuñat
Information Gathering and Marketing

Byung-Cheol Kim and Jay Pil Choi
Customer Information Sharing:  Strategic Incentives and New Implications

David Bardey and Jean-Charles Rochet
Competition Among Health Plans:  A Two-Sided Market Approach

Daniel Fernández-Kranz and Juan Santaló
When Necessity Becomes a Virtue:  The Effect of Product Market Competition on Corporate Social Responsibility

Bonwoo Koo and Brian D. Wright
Dynamic Effects of Patent Policy on Sequential Innovation

John C. Eckalbar
Closed-Form Solutions to Bundling Problems


Volume 19
Number 1, Spring 2010

Jiandong Ju, Scott C. Linn, and Zhen Zhu
Middlemen and Oligopolistic Market Makers

Arup Bose, Debashis Pal, and David E. M. Sappington
Equal Pay for Unequal Work:  Limiting Sabotage in Teams

Elazar Berkovitch, Ronen Israel, and Yossi Spiegel
A Double Moral Hazard Model of Organization Design

Michael T. Rauh and Giulio Seccia
Agency and Anxiety

Brice Corgnet
Team Formation and Self-Serving Biases

Ganesh Iyer and Dmitri Kuksov
Consumer Feelings and Equilibrium Product Quality

Frauke Lammers
Fairness in Delegated Bargaining

Albert Banal-Estañol and Inés Macho-Stadler
Scientific and Commercial Incentives in R&D:  Research versus Development?

Andre de Palma, Fay Dunkerley, and Stef Proost
Trip Chaining:  Who Wins Who Loses?


Volume 18
Number 4, Winter 2009

Michael R. Baye, J. Rupert J. Gatti, Paul Kattuman, and John Morgan  Clicks, Discontinuities, and Firm Demand Online

Emek Basker and Michael Noel  The Evolving Food Chain: Competitive Effects of Wal-Mart’s Entry into the Supermarket Industry

Andrei Hagiu  Two-Sided Platforms: Product Variety and Pricing Structures

Ambarish Chandra and Allan Collard-Wexler  Mergers in Two-Sided Markets: An Application to the Canadian Newspaper Industry

Francesca Barigozzi, Paolo G. Garella, and Martin Peitz  With a Little Help from my Enemy: Comparative Advertising as a Signal of Quality

Anindya Ghose and Ke-Wei Huang  Personalized Pricing and Quality Customization

Michael Kuhn and Luigi Siciliani  Performance Indicators for Quality with Costly Falsification

Markus Reisinger and Ludwig Ressner  The Choice of Prices vs. Quantities under Uncertainty

Giacomo Calzolari and Carlo Scarpa  Footloose Monopolies: Regulating a “National Champion”


Volume 18
Number 3, Fall 2009

Special Issue
Economics and Strategy of the Entrepreneur

Thomas Hellmann and Scott Stern (Issue Coeditors)
Introduction to the Special Issue on Economics and Strategy of Entrepreneurship

Edward L. Glaeser and William R. Kerr
Local Industrial Conditions and Entrepreneurship: How Much of the Spatial Distribution Can We Explain?

Mariassunta Giannetti and Andrei Simonov
Social Interactions and Entrepreneurial Activity

William J. Baumol, Melissa A. Schilling, and Edward N. Wolff
The Superstar Inventors and Entrepreneurs: How Were They Educated?

Iain M. Cockburn and Megan J. MacGarvie
Patents, Thickets and the Financing of Early-Stage Firms: Evidence from the Software Industry

Timothy S. Simcoe, Stuart J. H. Graham, and Maryann P. Feldman
Competing on Standards? Entrepreneurship, Intellectual Property and Platform Technologies

Paul Gompers, Anna Kovner, and Josh Lerner
Specialization and Success: Evidence from Venture Capital

Roland Strausz
Entrepreneurial Financing, Advice, and Agency Costs

Andres Almazan, Javier Suarez, and Sheridan Titman
Firms’ Stakeholders and the Costs of Transparency

Andrew F. Daughety and Jennifer F. Reinganum
Hidden Talents: Entrepreneurship and Pareto-Improving Private Information


Volume 18
Number 2, Summer 2009

Lesley Chiou
Empirical Analysis of Competition between Wal-Mart and Other Retail Channels

Carmine Ornaghi 
Positive Assortive Merging

Pinar Doğan 
Vertical Networks, Integration, and Connectivity

Adrian Majumdar and Greg Shaffer 
Market-Share Contracts with Asymmetric Information

Isabelle Brocas and Juan D. Carrillo 
Information Acquisition and Choice under Uncertainty

Marie Allard, Pierre Thomas Léger, and Lise Rochaix 
Provider Competition in a Dynamic Setting

Katherine Ho 
Barriers to Entry of a Vertically Integrated Health Insurer:  An Analysis of Welfare and Entry Costs

Adam D. Rennhoff and Konstantinos Serfes 
The Role of Upstream-Downstream Competition on Bundling Decisions:  Should Regulators Force Firms to Unbundle?

Thomas P. Tangerås 
Yardstick Competition and Quality


Volume 18
Number 1, Spring 2009

Special Issue
Management Strategy and the Environment

Thomas P. Lyon (Issue Editor)
Introduction to the Special Issue on Management Strategy and the Environment

David P. Baron
A Positive Theory of Moral Management, Social Pressure, and Corporate Social Performance

Michael J. Lenox and Charles E. Eesley
Private Environmental Activism and the Selection and Response of Firm Targets

Nathaniel O. Keohane, Erin T. Mansur, and Andrey Voynov
Averting Regulatory Enforcement:  Evidence from New Source Review

Lucie Bottega and Jenny De Freitas
Public, Private and Nonprofit Regulation for Environmental Quality

Aaron K. Chatterji, David I. Levine and Michael W. Toffel
How Well Do Social Ratings Actually Measure Corporate Social Responsibility?

Magali Delmas and Ivan Montiel
Greening the Supply Chain:  When is Customer Pressure Effective?

Ramon Casadesus-Masanell, Michael Crooke, Forest Reinhardt, and Vishal Vasishth
Households’ Willingness to Pay for “Green” Goods:  Evidence from Patagonia’s Introduction of Organic Cotton Sportswear

Aurora García-Gallego and Nikolaos Georgantzís
Market Effects of Changes in Consumers’ Social Responsibility

Linda A. Toolsema
Interfirm and Intrafirm Switching Costs in a Vertical Differentiation Setting:  Green versus Non-green Products