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Volume 23
Number 2, Summer 2014

Kristina McElheran
Delegation in Multi-Establishment Firms: Evidence from I.T. Purchasing

Ramon Casadesus-Masanell and Hanna Halaburda
When Does a Platform Create Value by Limiting Choice?

Susan Athey and Glenn Ellison
Dynamics of Open Source Movements

Yi Qian
Brand Management and Strategies Against Counterfeits

Rudy Douven, Rein Halbersma, Katalin Katona, and Victoria Shestalova
Vertical Integration and Exclusive Behavior of Insurers and Hospitals

Matthias Dischinger, Bodo Knoll, and Nadine Riedel
There’s No Place Like Home: The Profitability Gap between Headquarters and their Foreign Subsidiaries

Ola Bengtsson and Dan Bernhardt
Different Problem, Same Solution: Contract-Specialization in Venture Capital

Marie-Laure Cabon-Dhersin and Nicolas Drouhin
Tacit Collusion in a One-Shot Game of Price Competition with Soft Capacity Constraints

Ching-to Albert Ma and Henry Y. Mak
Public Report, Price, and Quality

Sara Fisher Ellison and Wallace P. Mullin
Diversity, Social Goods Provision, and Performance in the Firm

Volume 23
Number 1, Spring 2014

Special Issue
Innovation Economics

Talia Bar and Aija Leiponen
Committee Composition and Networking in Standard Setting: The Case of Wireless Telecommunications

Anne Layne-Farrar, Gerard Llobet, and Jorge Padilla
Payments and Participation: The Incentives to Join Cooperative Standard Setting Efforts

Gastón Llanes and Joaquín Poblete
Ex-Ante Agreements in Standard Setting and Patent-Pool Formation

Klaus M. Schmidt
Complementary Patents and Market Structure

Annalisa Biagi and Vincenzo Denicolò
Timing of Discovery and the Division of Profit with Complementary Innovations

Massimo D’Antoni and Maria Alessandra Rossi
Appropriability and Incentives with Complementary Innovations

Marco Ceccagnoli, Matthew J. Higgins, and Vincenzo Palermo
Behind the Scenes: Sources of Complementarity in R&D

Nisvan Erkal and Deborah Minehart
Optimal Technology Sharing Strategies in Dynamic Games of R&D

Carolin Haeussler and Matthew J. Higgins
Strategic Alliances: Trading Ownership for Capabilities

Dietmar Harhoff, Elisabeth Mueller, and John Van Reenen
What are the Channels for Technology Sourcing? Panel Data Evidence from German Companies

Volume 22
Number 4, Winter 2013

Stuart Graham, Galen Hancock, Alan Marco, and Amanda Fila Myers
The USPTO Trademark Case Files Dataset:  Descriptions, Lessons, and Insights

Dimitrios Xefteris
Hotelling was Right

Reut Megidish and Aner Sela
Allocation of Prizes in Contests with Participation Constraints

Dmitry Ryvkin
Heterogeneity of Players and Aggregate Effort in Contests

Benoît S. Y. Crutzen, Otto H. Swank, and Bauke Visser
Confidence Management: On Interpersonal Comparisons in Teams

Qihong Liu and Konstantinos Serfes
Price Discrimination in Two-Sided Markets

Chrysovalantou Milliou and Apostolis Pavlou
Upstream Mergers, Downstream Competition, and R&D Investments

Adolfo de Motta and Jaime Ortega
Incentives, Capital Budgeting, and Organizational Structure

Veronika Grimm and Gregor Zoettl
Investment Incentives and Electricity Spot Market Competition

Sébastien Mitraille and Michel Moreaux
Inventories and Endogenous Stackelberg Leadership in Two-Period Cournot Oligopoly

Paul Pecorino
Monopolistic Competition and Public Good Provision with By-Product Firms

Volume 22
Number 3, Fall 2013

Greg Taylor
Search Quality and Revenue Cannibalization by Competing Search Engines

Stéphane Caprice and Vanessa von Schlippenbach
One-Stop Shopping as a Cause of Slotting Fees: A Rent-Shifting Mechanism

Federico Etro and Michela Cella
Equilibrium Principal-Agent Contracts: Competition and R&D Incentives  

Yongmin Chen and Marius Schwartz
Product Innovation Incentives: Monopoly vs. Competition

Benoit Dostie and Rajshri Jayaraman
Do Higher Costs Spur Process Innovations and Managerial Incentives? Evidence from a Natural Experiment

Carsten Dahremöller
Unshrouding for Competitive Advantage

Jen Baggs, Jean-Etienne de Bettignies, and John Ries
Product Market Competition and Returns to Talent

Gabriel Natividad
Multidivisional Strategy and Investment Returns

Guy David, Evan Rawley, and Daniel Polsky
Integration and Task Allocation: Evidence from Patient Care

George Deltas, Donna Ramirez Harrington, and Madhu Khanna
Oligopolies with (Somewhat) Environmentally Conscious Consumers: Market Equilibrium and Regulatory Intervention

Volume 22
Number 2, Summer 2013

Special Issue
Economics and Strategy of the Entrepreneur III

Robert W. Fairlie
Entrepreneurship, Economic Conditions, and the Great Recession

Eren Inci and Simon C. Parker
Financing Entrepreneurship and the Old-Boy Network

Yongwook Paik
The Bankruptcy Reform Act of 2005 and Entrepreneurial Activity

Jing Chen
Selection and Serial Entrepreneurs

Ola Bengtsson and John R. M. Hand
Employee Compensation in Entrepreneurial Companies

Annamaria Conti, Marie Thursby, and Frank T. Rothaermel
Show Me the Right Stuff: Signals for High-Tech Startups

Robert W. Fairlie and Aaron K. Chatterji
High-Technology Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley

Massimo G. Colombo and Luca Grilli
The Creation of a Middle-Management Level by Entrepreneurial Ventures: Testing Economic Theories of Organisational Design

Manju Puri and David T. Robinson
The Economic Psychology of Entrepreneurship and Family Business

Volume 22
Number 1, Spring 2013

Benjamin E. Hermalin and Michael L. Katz
Product Differentiation through Exclusivity: Is there a One-Market-Power-Rent Theorem?

Steven Brakman, Harry Garretsen, Charles Van Marrewijk, and Arjen Van Witteloostuijn 
Cross-Border Merger & Acquisition Activity and Revealed Comparative Advantage in Manufacturing Industries

Michael Luca and Jonathan Smith
Salience in Quality Disclosure: Evidence from the U.S. News College Rankings

Robert G. Hammond
Sudden Unintended Used-Price Deceleration? The 2009-2010 Toyota Recalls

Michael A. Cohen
A Study of Vertical Integration and Vertical Divestiture: The Case of Store Brand Milk Sourcing in Boston

Corinne Chaton and Laure Durand-Viel
Real Asset Valuation under Imperfect Competition: Can We Forget About Market Fundamentals?

Julia Nafziger and Heiner Schumacher
Information Management and Incentives

Yuxin Chen and Xinxin Li
Group Buying Commitment and Sellers’ Competitive Advantages

Xiaoyong Cao and Guoqiang Tian
Second-Price Auctions with Different Participation Costs

Volume 21
Number 4, Winter 2012

Alberto Galasso
Broad Cross-License Negotiations

Alejandro Zentner
Internet Adoption and Advertising Expenditures on Traditional Media: An Empirical Analysis Using a Panel of Countries

Sandro Shelegia
Is the Competitor of my Competitor also my Competitor?

Flavia Roldán
Collusive Networks in Market-Sharing Agreements in the Presence of an Antitrust Authority

Konstantinos Serfes and Eleftherios Zacharias
Location Decisions of Competing Networks

Guido Friebel and Sergei Guriev
Whistle-Blowing and Incentives in Firms

Alexander K. Koch and Julia Nafziger
Job Assignments under Moral Hazard: The Peter Principle Revisited

Subhasish Dugar and Quazi Shahriar
Group Identity and the Moral Hazard Problem: Experimental Evidence

Pablo Casas-Arce and Santhi Hejeebu
Job Design in the Presence of Career Concerns

Volume 21
Number 3, Fall 2012

Emek Basker, Shawn Klimek, and Pham Hoang Van
Supersize It: The Growth of Retail Chains and the Rise of the “Big-Box” Store

Ozge Turut and Elie Ofek
Innovation Strategy and Entry Deterrence

Francisco Alcalá and Miguel González-Maestre
Artistic Creation and Intellectual Property: A Professional Career Approach

Susan Feng Lu
Multitasking, Information Disclosure and Product Quality: Evidence from Nursing Homes

Jung Hur and Yohanes E. Riyanto
Organizational Structure and Product Market Competition

Didier Laussel and Ngo Van Long
Vertical Disintegration: A Dynamic Markovian Approach

Fabian Herweg and Daniel Müller
Price Discrimination in Input Markets: Downstream Entry and Efficiency

Francisco Ruiz-Aliseda and Jianjun Wu
Irreversible Investment in Stochastically Cyclical Markets

Horst Raff, Michael Ryan, and Frank Stähler
Firm Productivity and the Foreign-Market Entry Decision

Volume 21
Number 2, Summer 2012

Joyee Deb
Observability and Sorting in a Market for Names

Ramon Caminal
The Design and Efficiency of Loyalty Rewards

Tomomichi Mizuno
Direct Marketing in Oligopoly

Anne Duchêne and Konstantinos Serfes
Patent Settlements as a Barrier to Entry

Arijit Mukherjee
Social Efficiency of Entry with Market Leaders

Takatoshi Tabuchi
Multiproduct Firms in Hotelling’s Spatial Competition

John Baldwin and Beiling Yan
Market Expansion and Productivity Growth: Do New Domestic Markets Matter as Much as New International Markets?

Ola Kvaløy and Trond E. Olsen
The Rise of Individual Performance Pay

Sascha Füllbrunn and Abdolkarim Sadrieh
Sudden Termination Auctions – An Experimental Study

Volume 21
Number 1, Spring 2012

Yi Lu, Travis Ng, and Zhigang Tao
Outsourcing, Product Quality, and Contract Enforcement

Benjamin Bental, Bruno Deffains, and Dominique Demougin
Credibility and Monitoring: Outsourcing as a Commitment Device

Sharon Novak and Birger Wernerfelt
On the Grouping of Tasks into Firms: Make-or-Buy with Interdependent Parts

Frederic Loss
Optimal Hedging Strategies and Interactions between Firms

Kurt R. Brekke, Roberto Cellini, Luigi Siciliani, and Odd Rune Straume
Competition in Regulated Markets with Sluggish Beliefs about Quality

Eric Giraud-Héraud, Abdelhakim Hammoudi, Ruben Hoffmann, and Louis-Georges Soler
Joint Private Safety Standards and Vertical Relationships in Food Retailing

David Reinstein and Joon Song
Efficient Consumer Altruism and Fair Trade Products

Joshua S. Gans and Vivienne Groves
Carbon Offset Provision with Guilt-Ridden Consumers

Joseph Price, Marc Remer, and Daniel F. Stone
Subperfect Game: Profitable Biases of NBA Referees

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