Interdisciplinary Center on the Science of Diversity (ICSD)

Get Involved

The ICSD welcomes the involvement of interested faculty and students, as well as the support and sponsorship of corporations who are interested in the mission of the ICSD. For more information, please contact us at, or call 847-467-6882. There are several opportunities to engage with the Center, including through these initiatives:

Diversity Domain Lunches
The Diversity Domain Lunches, scheduled once a quarter during the academic year, are designed to foster cross-discipline communication and collaboration among faculty members. At these lunches faculty members present their research programs and engage in dialog with an interdisciplinary audience.

Research Seminar Series
The Research Seminar Series, scheduled 2-3 times per quarter, is designed to provide opportunities for Northwestern faculty to share their research with a university-wide audience of scholars interested in diversity.

Diversity Fellowship Program
Graduate students are the future of research. This program is designed to support interdisciplinary graduate student training in the Center by providing stipends to support graduate students who are specifically researching issues at the heart of the ICSD’s mission.

Postdoctoral Program
This program provides opportunities for recent PhD recipients to join the community of diversity scholars at Northwestern University to continue their research and gain interdisciplinary training.

Working Paper Series
Cutting-edge research will be made available for dissemination through the working paper series. Interested persons from around the world will be able to access these works via the ICSD Web site.

Teaching Support
Teaching diversity-related topics to undergraduates, graduates, and executives is critical to the mission of the ICSD. This program will support teaching efforts by faculty throughout Northwestern University.

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