VC Prep Seminar

Taught by Paul Lee, Partner, Lightbank

Fridays Oct. 25th – Nov. 22nd
8:30 – 10:30 am
Room 165
Limit of 30 students.

The application is available here.

Preference for this seminar will be given to students who want to participate in the VCIC this coming January.
The course is targeted to MBA students who want a deeper understanding of how to approach/interact/engage with VCs both from an entrepreneur's fundraising standpoint, as well as a prospective trying to break into the venture industry. The five lectures will focus on the following topics:
  1. Engaging with VCs: A detailed look into an average week of a VC and the amount of deal flow that comes in from various sources. The focus will be on how to differentiate your messaging; techniques to obtain a more meaningful dialog as well as feedback from a GP at a venture firm; and the importance of detailed followup.
  2. The fundraising process: Understanding the process; how to ‘read’ a VC firm; and insights into the partner meeting. 
  3. Negotiating the deal: VC tactics, techniques to achieve desired outcomes; and closing the deal. 
  4. Post Investment: Initial board meeting; roles/responsibilities of board members/management; and understanding of objectives and goals for board meetings by stage of company. 
  5. Entrepreneur Relationships: What happens outside of the board meetings. Philosophies from various investors on right way to interact with CEO's – real world examples will be leveraged to describe optimal working relationships.