Engagement Opportunities

Mitchell Peterson

Mitchell Petersen, Director of the Heizer Center for Private Equity and Venture Capital, speaks to students at one of the many opportunities that exist for engagement. Photo @ C. Jason Brown 

Kellogg has a long tradition of significant student involvement in the educational process. The foundation of your education in business, private equity and venture capital will occur in the classroom. We expect, however, that your education will spill outside the classroom. You will have a number of opportunities to learn and get involved in leadership here at Kellogg.

Featured Events

PE/VC Lab Speaker: Steve Vivian, Principal and Founder of Kestrel Capital
On April 9, 2015, Steve Vivian spoke on the topic of "Navigating a Career Journey." In the spring quarter, your attention begins to turn to your plans after Kellogg or your plans for your summer internship. This is a good time to help you broaden your perspective and think about what you truly want to do with your life. At the founding of Kestrel Capital Group (KCG), Mr. Vivian took the time to step-back and assess his personal and professional past; to look at his successes and failures; his strengths and weaknesses. The strategic approach of KCG was born out of this work. Mr. Vivian shared his investing model and how it is informed by having worked with and observed dozens of businesses and executive teams. He also discussed his thoughts on managing your own career path in the information age's digitized, connected, and always on professional environment. Watch the video below.

PE/VC Lab Speaker: Gordon Pan '98, Managing Partner of Baird Capital
On January 20, 2015, Gordon Pan spoke on the "Changing Landscape of Private Equity." Private equity historically has drawn from the discipline of finance. Finance is still as important as always, but the skill set and perspective that is required now is strategic, and will be more so in the next decade. Private equity investors should focus on how the firms make money and where the strategic opportunities lie, not just in structuring the next deal. In this talk, Mr. Pan turned this strategic lens on the PE industry itself and discussed the trends he sees and how you should be preparing now. Watch the video below.