Ford Network

Ford Network

The Ford Network creates value for its member organizations and for society by solving practical problems through scientific research, thought leadership, practical tools and a trusted network of collaborators. We specialize in problems at the intersection of business and society, where each member firm's reputation and performance is impacted.

The Ford Network is enabled by:

  • Forging relationships between cross-industry leaders to solve complex problems
  • Framing questions and projects to better understand impact
  • Employing research, learning strategies and tools to merge theory and practice
  • Utilizing a network structure to collaborate that draws from divers leaders within industry, government, Kellogg and other partner organizations

Network Themes
The Ford Network currently facilitates a focus area around the theme of Health and Well-being. We are also a hub for world-renowned thought leadership in reputation management. In the past we have facilitated the development of focus areas around risk/benefit communication in the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors and electricity markets.

How We Work
The Ford Network is fueled by three primary areas of practice:

  1. Learning: Workshops, innovation labs, and collaboration across network members.
  2. Thought Leadership: Tools, decision-making frameworks, assessments, white papers, interviews, webinars, books, and other practical multi-media products that combine scientific research and best practices for real-world application.
  3. Research: Theoretical, experimental, and action research using multiple data sources to design models and implications for best practices.

Benefits of Membership
Members recognize many benefits to their affiliation with the Ford Network, primarily through:

  • Early access to research conducted by scholars from Kellogg faculty
  • Access to thought leadership from faculty and leaders in the Network focus areas
  • Diverse perspectives of leaders in an intimate, high-trust network
  • Practical tools for creating value and navigating complex business settings
  • Faculty and member insights to member initiatives
  • Outcomes relevant to each member's business and to society as a whole, supported by the people, research, tools and activities of the Ford Network

The Ford Network Team
The Ford Network is led by Dr. Jean Egmon, Director and Professor at the Kellogg School of Management, with Alison Niederkorn, Associate Director of the Ford Center for Global Citizenship. Various researchers from Kellogg, industry leaders, and practitioner scholars contribute to the community.

Same of Participating Faculty:

To learn more about the Ford Network please contact:
Dr. Jean Egmon
Ford Center for Global Citizenship
Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University