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Political Economy Seminar Series

Past Speakers


Date Presenter Title

Jason Snyder - UCLA Anderson School of Management

The Historical Roots of Firm Access to Finance: Evidence from the African Slave Trade
4/7/14 Salvatore Nunnari - Columbia University

Dynamic Policy Competition, Ideological Polarization and the Value of Veto Rights

4/14/14 Romain Waczairg - UCLA Anderson School of Management Culture, Ethnicity, and Diversity
4/28/14 Francesco Trebbi - The University of British Columbia

How Do Voters Respond to Information?
Evidence from a Randomized Campaign

5/12/14 Erik Snowberg - CalTech The Right Type of Legislator

Pierre Yared - Columbia Business School

Fiscal Rules and Discretion under Persistant Shocks
9/30/13 Brian Richter - University of Texas, Austin

Using Item Response Theory to Improve Measurement in Strategic Management Research: An Application to Corporate Social Responsibility

10/7/13 Neil Mahlotra - Stanford Is Corporate Environmentalism Profitable? Experimental Investigations of the Effects of Environmental Corporate Social Responsibility on consumption, Employment and Political Activity. (No Paper)
10/21/13 John Patty - Washington University, St. Louis Giving Advice vs. Making Decisions: Transparency, Information, and Delegation
10/28/13 Georgy Egorov - Kellogg Endogenous Property Rights
11/11/13 Frederico Finan - Berkeley Mis-allocation of Political Capital (No paper available on web.)
12/2/13 Lite Nartey - U. of South Carolina

A Participatory Approach to Stakeholder Engagement: Defining a Hierarchy of Strategis Action


Kenneth Shepsle - Harvard University

The Rules of the Game: What Rules? Which Game?
3/18/13 Mattias Polborn - University of Illinois, Urbana-Champagne

Parties as Teams and the Nomination of Legislative Candidates

4/15/13 Daniel Diermeier - Kellogg School of Management A Behavioral Model of Electoral Control
4/29/13 Horacio Larreguy - Massachusetts Institute of Technology Monitoring Political Brokers: Evidence from Clientelistic Networks in Mexico
5/6/13 Ruben Enikolopov - New Economic School and Institute for Advanced Study Winning Hearts and Minds through Development: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Afghanistan
5/13/13 Pablo Querubin - New York University

Political Reform and Elite Persistence: Term Limits and Political Dynasties in the Phillippines

5/20/13 Scott Gehlbach - University of Wisconsin Does Reform Prevent Reballion? Evidence from Russia's Emancipation of the Serfs
Amrita Dhillon (Warwick) Enforcing Contracts (PDF 202 KB)
Justin Fox (Yale) Electoral Donations and Interest Group Influence (PDF 271 KB)

Aleh Tsyvinski (Harvard)

Markets Versus Governments: Political Economy of Mechanisms  (PDF) 
James Robinson (Harvard) Persistence of Power, Elites and Institutions (PDF 637 KB)
Allan Drazen (Maryland) Pork Barrel Cycles (PDF 406 KB)
Alberto Alesina (Harvard) Why is Fiscal Policy often Procyclical (PDF 206 KB)
Pohan Fong (Concordia) Dynamics of Government and Policy Choice (PDF)
10/02/06 Sourav Bhattacharya (Kellogg School) Campaign Rhetoric and the Hide-and-Seek Game (PDF 298 KB / 42 pages)


Ken Shepsle (Harvard) Advising and Consenting in the 60-Vote Senate (PDF 224KB/ 28 pages)
10/23/06 Tapas Kundu
(Kellogg School)
Can democracy always lead to efficient economic transitions?


Leeat Yariv (Caltech) An Experimental Study of Jury Deliberations (with Jacob K. Goeree)
11/13/06 Ethan Kaplan (Stockholm U.) The Iceberg Theory of Campaign Contributions: Political Threats and Interest Group Behavior
11/20/06 Roger Myerson (University of Chicago) Leadership, trust, and power


Ben Lockwood (Warwick) Decentralization and Electoral Accountability: Incentives, Separation, and Voter Welfare (PDF 322 KB / 34 pages)
12/04/06 Eric Dickson (NYU) Rational Choice Epistemology and Belief Formation in Mass Politics (PDF 275KB)
4/23/07 Halvor Mehlum King of the Hill


Sophie Bade Pre-electoral Debate: The Case of a Large Election
5/7/07 Becky Morton The Effects of Identities, Incentives, and Information on Voting


Marina Azzimonti On the Dynamic Inefficiencies of Government


Anders Olofsgard Delegation versus Communication in the Organization of Government
10/1/07 Thomas Palfrey (California Institute of Technology)
10/8/07 Robert Staiger (Stanford University) Offshoring and the Value of Trade Agreements
10/15/07 Daniel Diermeier (Kellogg School of Management) Parties, Coalitions, and the Internal Organization of Legislatures
10/22/07 Sven Feldmann (Kellogg School of Management) A simple fully revealing equilibrium in multi-dimensional cheap-talk with multiple senders
10/29/07 Guido Tabellini (University of Bocconi) The Scope of Cooperation: values and incentives
Related Papers:
(1) The Scope of Cooperation: Values and incentives
(2) Instiutions and Culture
11/5/07 Timothy Feddersen (Kellogg School of Management) Moral Bias in Large Elections
(With Sean Gailmard and Alvaro Sandroni)
11/12/07 Enrico Spolaore (Tufts University) Trade, History and Geography
11/26/07 David Baron (Stanford GSB) Morally-Motivated Self-Regulation
04/07/08 Matias Iaryczower
(Cal Tech)
"Ideology and Competence in Alternative Electoral Systems"
04/14/08 Gregory Huber
"Enforcement and Compliance in an Uncertain World: An Experimental Investigation"
04/21/08 Ahmer Tarar
(Texas A&M)
"Bargaining and Signaling in International Crises"
04/28/08 Andrea Vindigni
"A Theory of Military Dictatorships"

John Roemer

"A Positive Theory of Income Taxation Where Politicians Focus Upon Swing and Core Voters"
05/12/08 Francesco Trebbi
(Chicago GSB)

"Votes or Money? Theory and Evidence from the US Congress"

05/19/08 Ragnar Torvik
(Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
"Endogenous Presidentialism"
05/26/08 Stuart Jordan
06/02/08 Matilde Bombardini
(University of British Columbia)
"Together or Alone is Lobbying for Trade Policy"
09/29/08 Giovanni Maggi Cancelled
10/13/08 Alan Wiseman
(Ohio State/Kellogg)
Delegation and Positive-Sum Bureaucracies
10/20/08 Ken Shotts (Stanford GSB) Policy-Specific Information and Informal Agenda Power
10/27/08 Bilge Yilmaz (Stanford GSB) Deliberation and Security Design in Bankruptcy
11/3/08 Daniel Diermeier (Kellogg) Parties, Coalitions, and the Internal Organization of Legislatures
11/10/08 Christoph Lulfesmann (Simon Fraser) Collective and Private Provision of Public Goods in Democracy
11/17/08 Stuart Jordan (Rochester)

Judicial Control of Arbitrary Executive Power

12/1/08 Georgy Egorov (Harvard)


10/5/09 Alberto Bisin
"Bend it like Beckham: Ethnic identity and integration"
10/19/09 Roger Lagunoff
"Revealed Political Power"
10/26/09 Pierre Yared
Columbia University
"The Political Economy of Indirect Control"
11/2/09 Filipe Campante
"A Centered Index of Spatial Concentration: Expected Influence Approach and Application to Population and Capital Cities"
11/9/09 Francois Maniquet
Northwestern University
"Strategic voting in large elections under proportional representation: Why vote for centre parties?"
11/16/09 Konstantin Sonin
Northwestern University
"The Political Economy of Faculty Selection"
11/30/09 Claire S.H. Lim
Stanford University
"Measuring Media Influence on U.S. State Courts"

Bruce Bueno de Mesquita
NYU & Stanford

"Voting with Contingent Prize Allocation"
3/8/10 Mikhail Golosov
Yale University
"Political Economy of Resource Prices"
4/5/10 Giovanni Maggi
Yale University
"Breach, Remedies and Settlement in Trade Agreements"
4/12/10 Alexei Zakharov
Higher School of Economics, Moscow
"An Alternative Approach to ML Estimation of Multinomial Choice Models of Voting"
5/17/10 Sivan Frenkel
Tel Aviv University
"Unambiguous Campaign as a Signal of Competence in Electoral Competition"
5/24/10 Elena Paltseva
Copenhagen University
"Autocracy, Devolution and Growth"
10/4/2010 Jon Equia
A Theory of Discrimination and Assimilation
10/11/2010 Alessandra Casella (Columbia University) Competitive Equilibrium in Markets for Voters
10/25/2010 Milan Svolik
(University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
Learning to Love Democracy: Electoral Accountability, Government Performance, and the Success of Democracy
11/8/2010 Nolan McCarty
(Princeton University)
The Ideological Mapping of American Legislatures
11/29/2010 Rainer Schwabe
(Kellogg School of Management)
Reputation and Accountability in Repeated Elections
4/11/2011 Gerard Roland
(University of California, Berkeley)
Culture, Institutions and the Wealth of Nations
4/18/2011 Robert Powell
(University of California, Berkeley)
Fighting, Bargaining, and Endogenous State Consolidation
5/2/2011 Renee Bowen
(Stanford University)
On Dynamic Compromise
5/9/2011 Tilman Klumpp
(Emory University)
Populism, Partisanship, and the Funding of Political Campaigns
09/26/2011 Nageeb Ali
(UC San Diego)
Why People Vote: Ethical Motives and Social Incentives


Cesar Martinelli
(ITAM and University of Chicago)
Ignorance and Naivete in Large Elections
10/17/2011 David Besanko, Daniel Diermeier & Jose-Miguel Abito
(Kellogg School of Management)
Corporate Reputational Dynamics,
Private Regulation, and Activist Pressure
11/14/2011 Santiago Oliveros
( Haas School of Business, Berkeley)
Demand for Slant: How Abstention Shapes Voters' Choice of News Media
Email to request copy of this paper.
3/12/2012 Gerard Padró i Miquel
(LSE and CalTech)
The Effects of Democratization on Economic Policy: Evidence from China
3/26/2012 Torun Dewan (LSE) Party Factions and Platform Design
4/12/2012 Steve Ansolabehere (Harvard)
Special Time! Thurs, 2:00pm, Jacobs G43

Movers, Stayers and Participation
4/16/2012 Francesco Squintani
(University of Warwick)
Information Revelation and Anti-Pandering in Elections
4/30/2012 Massimo Morelli
(Columbia University)
Ideology and Information in Policy Making
5/7/2012 James Snyder
(Harvard University)
Elections and Government Accountability: Evidence from the U.S. State Courts
5/14/2012 Daniel Treisman
Income, Democracy, and the Cunning of Reason
09/24/2012 John Hatfield
Stanford GSB
Effects of Local Government Competition
10/1/2012 Maria Petrova
(New Economic School & Princeton)
Do Political Blogs Matter? Corruption in state-controlled companies, blog postings, and DDoS attacks

10/8/2012 Ernesto Dal Bó
(Berkeley- Haas)
Strengthening State Capabilities: The Role of Financial Incentives in the Call to Public Services
10/29/2012 John Morgan
( Berkeley- Haas)
On the Merits of Meritocracy
11/5/2012 Shanker Satyanath
Renewable Resource Shocks and Conflict in India's Maoist Belt

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