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Ford Center Business in Society Series

Past Speakers

Date Presenter Title

Kent Grayson
(Kellogg Marketing)

"Is Firm Trust Essential in a Trusted Environment? How Trust in the Business Context Influences Customers"

2/26/2008 Alan Wiseman
(Ohio State University)

"A Theory of Government Regulation and Self-Regulation with the Specter of Nonmarket Threats"

3/11/2008 Klaus Weber
(Kellogg Management and Organizations)
"Forage for thought: Mobilizing codes in the movement for grass-fed meat and dairy products"

Thomas Gladwin
U of Michigan

"Shaping the Minds of Leaders for Sustainable Enterprising"


Brayden King
Northwestern University

"When Does it Pay to Be Green? The Contingent Link between Corporate Environmental Performance and Financial Performance.”
3/3/10 David Vogel

"The Private Regulation of Global Corporate Social Conduct"

4/29/10 Paola Sapienza
Northwestern University
"The Glass Ceiling in Experimental Markets"
5/11/10 Louisa Egan
Northwestern University
"What Monkeys and Kids can Teach Us about Choice-Induced Preferences."

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