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Areas of Focus

Ethics in Healthcare

Medical and Biotech Initiative
In 2001, the Center initiated a project to review the literature regarding the legal, social and medical implications of infectious disease, with a focus on HIV-AIDS, and developments in biotechnology. This project’s goal with respect to the HIV-AIDS investigation has been to identify and assess the available strategies that multinational corporations have to attack this, a world-wide public health threat and serious business challenge. The biotechnology initiative is intended to explore the ethical, social and political questions being raised about the growth of biotechnological industries and practices. These issues may have more of an impact on the development of biotechnology than pure business or scientific concerns.

For further information, please contact Professor Linda Emanuel.

Stakeholder Analysis of the Tobacco Industry
Robbin Derry, a research professor with the Ford Center, is the principal investigator for a multi-year grant from the National Cancer Institute to use tobacco industry documents in conducting a stakeholder analysis of the tobacco industry. Her initial projects include a study of the shifting stakeholder alliances within the industry and a series of target marketing decisions and strategies in the 1990s. Professor Derry will be developing this research into numerous teaching cases for classroom use, as well as producing related scholarly articles.

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