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Wall Street Journal

A Corporate Crisis is an Opportunity, Says Reputation Expert - 4/21/14

Daniel Diermeier speaks with Ben DiPietro about the changing environment companies face when responding to a crisis.

Chicago Tribune

GM, Comcast hearings struggle sellilng stories - 4/13/14

CEO's and others who testify in congress don't always use this opportunity effectively. Daniel Diermeier discusses how leaders need to contemplate their real audience and issues when in these circumstances.

Activists force companies out of comfort zone amid consumer shift - 3/20/14

Daniel Diermeier comments on recent examples of how Private Politics and the broader expectations placed on companies are influencing companies' operatiing decisions.

The Worst CEO Screw-ups of 2013 - 12/18/13

Daniel Diermeier offers his perspective on these missteps of 2013.

The Top 10 Reputation Crises of 2013 - 11/15/13

Daniel Diermeier works closely with Suzanne Wooley to define and analyze the countdown of major crisis situations during 2013. The list reveals that all sorts of organizations are susceptible to the pitfalls of mismanaging a crisis. The countdown reviews each case and offers commentary on the handling of the situation.

Market Watch Radio

Applying game theory to the budget battle - 11/11/13

In this radio interview with Jim Asendio, Daniel Diermeier continues his analysis of the US Government budget issues and negotiations within the context of Game Theory concepts.

BBC Radio Interview

Government Shutdown Perspective - 10/24/13

During a rGovecent radio interview, Daniel Diermeier offered perspectives on the US Goverment shutdown.

Bloomberg Businessweek

Barilla in Hot Water Offers a Lesson in Reputation Management - 10/17/13

During a recent radio interview, Barilla's CEO made statements which have engendered responses from around the world. Daniel Diermeier reviews the comments, reactions, comparative situations, and lessons to be learned.

PRSA Press Release

PRSA announces Seton Hall University and West Virginia University as the latest schools to adopt its MBA-Level Strategic Communications course. - 10/7/13

After two years in development among five pilot schools including Kellogg and in collaboration with Public Relations Society of America ("PRSA"), two more schools adopt this new curriculum.

Washington Post

How a game theorist would solve the shutdown showdown - 10/4/13

Daniel Diermeier employs Game Theory to analyze the debt negotiation crisis and US Government shutdown. He compares the US system of government to other systems, like that of the UK. He examines each system's process to show how the US could get to such a dysfunctional situation.

The Phnom Penh Post

For boycott, time is needed - 9/30/13

In the wake of controversial elections in Cambodia, Daniel Diermeier comments on how boycotts might factor among the measures of protest considered in response to these events.

PR News

PR News reports on PRSA's launch of its new MBA level communications curriculum - 9/30/13

PRSA, working with 5 pilot schools including Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, has launched an innovative communications' course for MBA level programs. This course strives to prepare tomorrow's managers for the current realities associated with managing communications in the world of social media and "viral" communications.

Chicago Tribune

Outside Opinion: Private regulation on the rise - 8/18/13

Daniel Diermeier's Opinion Editorial discusses the evolving approaches to effecting change in overseas operations. In the wake of the Bangladesh factory tragedy, companies are imposing new standards of operations. Public opinion and activism are creating the pressures for change, not government influence or regulation.

'Boycott Florida' not so simple, experts say - 7/28/13

Daniel Diermeier comments on the feasibility of a boycott truly affecting Florida in the wake of the not guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial. While boycotts can make a difference to companies or smaller organizations, states are so complex that the outcome of a boycott is unclear.

Kellogg School of Management - News & Events

Face-off: the trouble with spokespeople - Men's Warehouse, Paula Deen, and the dangers of public faces for brands - 6/13

Daniel Diermeier discusses the risks associated with dismissing a celebrity spokesperson. He specifically refers to the recent cases concerning George Zimmer, founder of Men's Warehouse, and Paula Deen, among others.

Lafley At P&G, Ullman At Penney: When Does It Make Sense To Rehire The CEO? - 5/24/13

Daniel Diermeier comments on the challenges of reinstating former CEO's, like in the case of J.C.Penney.

Daniel Diermeier co-authors opinion piece with Harlan Loeb (Edelman and Northwestern - Law) - 5/10/13

Reputation Risk Management - It's time to build trust and resilience at the top.

Daniel Diermeier named Alumni Professor of the Year - 5/3/13

In a ceremony held at Kellogg's Reunion 2013, Professor Diermeier received this award from Alumni in recognition of his tremendous contributions to research, teaching, collaboration and innovation at Kellogg.

Daniel Diermeier is elected as member to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences - 4/24/13

A Press Release announced the new members elected to join this prestigious honorary society. Daniel Diermeier is elected in honor of his accomplishments in Political Science and Game Theory. Since its founding in 1780, the Academy has elected leading “thinkers and doers” from each generation including George Washington, Albert Einstein, among many others.



Public Relations Society of America launces new web site for MBA Collaboration - 3/18/13

Kellogg School of Management is one of five pilot universities working in conjunction with the Public Relations Society of America to develop MBA-level course work in strategic communications. For more information, please visit the web site.

Kellogg Insight
When and How to Drive Real Value with CSR - 3/4/13

Daniel Diermeier discusses how making CSR a value-generating strategy requires understanding the contexts in which responsible practices are more likely to pay off.

Capital Perspectives (Newsletter for GE Capital)
Most Overlooked Business Risks - 12/5/12

Daniel Diermeier discusses a proactive approach to managing Reputational Risks.

The New York Times
Komen Foundation Struggles to Regain Wide Support - 11/8/12

Daniel Diermeier weighs in on the Susan G. Komen For the Cure's fight to win back support.

Economic Times India
Companies harm their brand with 'no comment policy': Report - 9/21/12
Lead by professors Adam Galinsky and Daniel Diermeier, this study shows that corporate 'no comment' responses to crises might do more harm than good.

Can You Train Business School Students To Be Ethical? - 9/4/12
Professor Adam Galinsky co-authors an article on how the teaching of ethics in business school needs to change.

Financial Times
Something for the weekend - 8/31/12
A study co-authored by Professor Adam Galinsky demonstrates which workers do best while working overseas.

AOL Energy
Business Schools Focusing on Corporate Sustainability Trends - 8/24/12
AOL Energy highlighted Professor Bard Harstad's argument on how to best reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Associated Press
Business schools offering PR tips to future CEOs - 7/15/12
The AP reports on the new pilot reputation management focused project.

Men's Health
What Do My Dreams Mean?
Adam Galinsky's research factors into a solution to one common anxiety-producing dream.

Online MBA
The 50 Best Blogs by Business Professors - 6/20/12
Reputation Rules also made this list of best blogs written by business professors, specifically within the marketing category.

Four Additional Business Schools Join PRSA MBA Program - 6/11/12
The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) announces Kellogg as one of five MBA programs picked for a new pilot reputation management program.
MBA Public Relations Courses Set to Begin - 6/11/12
Kellogg is one of five schools chosen for a groundbreaking reputation management focused MBA program.

PR Week
PRSA teams with business schools for MBA initiative - 6/8/12
The Public Relations Sociey of America (PRSA) incorporates public relations education into five MBA programs.

U.S. News University Directory
5 Schools Start New MBA Course to Enhance Public Relations - 6/7/12
The Public Relations Sociey of America (PRSA) joins with five MBA programs to improve the communication skills of their students.
The Summer Reading List: The B-School Edition - 5/22/12
Reputation Rules makes this exclusive list of summer reads, recommended by business school professors.

Kellogg Risk Summit - 5/17/12
Daniel Diermeier will speak at Kellogg's May 17 summit on anticipating and managing reputational risks.

Fox News
Again? Wal-Mart's rep takes another beating - 5/11/12
Daniel Diermeier spoke to the AP about Wal-Mart's new reputation problem.
Reputation Rules
The Japanese edition of Reputation Rules is now available for purchase online.

Fast Company (FastCoExist)
To Combat Climate Change, Buy More Coal - 04/30/12
Professor Bard Harstad addresses an economic solution to the climate change problem.

Is Apple's Move to Monitor Factories Enough? - 2/14/12
Daniel Diermeier evaluates how an outside investigation by a fair labor organization could impact Apple's reputation.

After Changing Course on Planned Parenthood, What Susan G. Komen Should Do Now - 2/4/12
Daniel Diermeier provides insight into how the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation can resurrect its reputation after its controversial decision to stop funding Planned Parenthood.
The Holmes Report
The Top Crises of 2011 - 1/25/12
The Holmes Report taps into the expertise of Daniel Diermeier to compile its list of the worst crises of 2011, with breakdowns of what went wrong and advised next steps for the troubled corporations.
Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries
Editors' Picks - 1/12
Choice "highly recommended" Reputation Rules. "Diermeier (Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern Univ.) counters that every reputational crisis involves a core business issue."

Financial Times
Something for the Weekend - 12/2/11
New research from Roderick Swaab, Daniel Diermeier, Adam Galinsky and Victoria Medvec explores the importance of face-to-face interaction during business negotiations, especially with the advent of Internet conferencing.

Trust Across America (Radio)
Jim Kouzes on Leadership Credibility and Daniel Diermeier on Corporate Reputation –11/30/11
In this radio broadcast, Daniel Diermeier discusses rebuilding trust and credibility in America corporations and businesses. Jump ahead to the 30-minute mark to hear Daniel speak with host Jordan Kimmel.

The Huffington Post
Perry, Cain, manage crises with humor, defiance –11/11/11
Republican Presidential candidates Rick Perry and Herman Cain have each managed their own campaign crises: one chose to use humor; the other, defiance. Daniel Diermeier weighs in on the effectiveness of each tactic.

The European Business Review
The Need for Reputation Management Capabilities - November/December 2011
Daniel Diermeier provides an in-depth, research-based analysis on the misalignment between the increase in reputational risks and its management.

The Economic Times
Working Relationships: Do You Really Need to Show Up for Meetings? –10/18/11
Research from Daniel Diermeier and Roderick Swaab, et al., addresses how channels of communitcation, such as direct face time, impacts negotiating and group decision making.

Chicago Tribune
Dissecting CEO's Decisions –10/16/11
How do response time, customer loyalty, and prediction play into a CEO's decision-making process? Daniel Diermeier weighs in.

Success Magazine
Business with Heart – October 2011
More businesses are looking beyond the bottom line. What's more important than P&L? Daniel Diermeier weighs in.

Chicago Tribune
Netflix Walks Fine Line with Apology –9/20/11
Daniel Diermeier addresses the impact Netflix's apology will have on customers.

Blogging About Business
Daniel Diermeier: An Interview by Bob Morris – 9/13/11
Daniel Diermeier's 11 maxims for reputation management, plus an interview with 33 Voices editor Moe Abdou.

33 Voices
Interview with Daniel Diermeier – 9/13/11
Daniel Diermeier's 11 maxims for reputation management, plus an interview with 33 Voices editor Moe Abdou.

E&T: Engineering and Techonolgy Magazine
Book Interview - Daniel Diermeier – 9/12/11
Research shows that corporate reputation has never been more important as a "health indicator" for your organization. Daniel Diermeier explains why in this magazine story.

Toronto Star
Taking a Lesson from the Sub-Prime Medicis – 9/8/11
Daniel Diermeier talks with the Toronto Star about how the failure to respond correctly to a crisis can be just as big an issue as the crisis itself, with references to such public figures as Bernie Madoff, Tony Hayward and Conrad Black. [PDF in new window]
Crisis Management Essentials – 8/16/11
Daniel Diermeier shares his insights on crisis management and its impact on an organization's reputation with the popular business blog.

Yahoo! Finance (UK & Ireland)
Phone-hacking Crisis Hangs Over News Corp. Board (via AFP) – 8/9/11
Daniel Diermeier addresses how News Corp.'s board of directors might seek to resolve the phone-hacking scandal for investors.

BBC's The Hub
Daniel Diermeier on BBC's The Hub (via YouTube) – 7/20/11
Daniel Diermeier appears on BBC's The Hub to speak about the News Corp. scandal following Murdoch's day of testimony at Parliament on July 19, 2011.

Financial Times
Case study: Ergo – 7/28/11
A reputation management case study authored by Daniel Diermeier about Ergo, one of Europe's largest insurance groups.

The Commercial Appeal via Washington Post Writers Group
Dana Milbank: Default Caucus. Game of chicken. – 7/23/11
Daniel Diermeier comments on the relevance of game theory on the U.S. government's pending default.
Murdoch's 'foggy' performance may have served him well – 7/19/11
Daniel Diermeier comments on Rupert Murdoch's appearance before the British Parliamentary Committee.

Industry Week
Three Tips to Protect Your Company's Reputation – 6/17/11
Lessons for manufacturers about reputation management offered by Professor Diermeier.

Risk Management Magazine
Book Review: Reputation Rules – 6/3/11
Daniel Diermeier’s latest book, “Reputation Rules: Strategies for Building Your Company’s Most Valuable Asset,” is reviewed.

The Wrong Way to Handle Customers Who Badmouth You – 4/15/11
Highlights from Daniel Diermeier’s book, “Reputation Rules: Strategies for Building Your Company’s Most Valuable Asset.”
Every Disaster Is An Opportunity You Must Seize – 4/12/11
Ford Center Director, Daniel Diermeier, suggests general principles about how to turn major catastrophes into a business opportunity.

NPR: All Things Considered
Budget Negotiations: A Study of Game Theory – 4/6/11
Daniel Diermeier comments on budget negotiations and game theory in light of the potential federal government shutdown.

Financial Times
Case Study: Walmart – 3/23/11
Daniel Diermeier provides a synopsis of a key case featured in his upcoming book, Reputation Rules.

Kellogg News
Japan in crisis– 3/18/11
Professor Daniel Diermeier weighs in on the corporate and governmental response to the earthquake in Japan.

The Boston Globe
Elections: Now Computer Modeled! – 3/10/11
Book co-authored by Daniel Diermeier illustrates how computer programs can be used to model elections, parties, and voter turnout.

Book Release
A Behavioral Theory of Elections – January 2011
Jonathan Bendor, Daniel Diermeier, David A. Siegel, Michael M. Ting (Princeton University Press 2011)

CEOs must lead the way in reputation management – January 2011
Professor Diermeier offers a preview of concepts that will be covered in his upcoming book, Reputation Rules: Strategies for Building Your Company's Most Valuable Asset (McGraw-Hill, April 2011)

Calgary Herald
Lobbyists building 'dirty oil' brand – 12/10/10
Daniel Diermeier provides insights as to why the energy sector hasn't effectively controlled the brand reputation of the oil it produces and recommendations regarding reputation management going forward

ABC News
Are you a Democrat or Republican? Does Language Give You Away? – 11/1/10
Research from Daniel Diermeier, Director of the Ford Center, informs creation of an ABC News website allowing users to assess what their language might say about their political leanings.

The Hennick Centre for Business and Law
Spills, Recalls, Collapses and Recoveries: Institutional Resilience in an Age of Crisis – 11/23/10
Daniel Diermeier, Ford Center Director, one of three leading thinkers presenting at this forum about risk management in an age of crisis.

Kellogg Insight
All Politics is Cultural: Cultural not economic vocabularies separate liberals and conservatives – 11/1/10
Based on the research of Daniel Diermeier and former Ford Center research fellows.

Complex Systems View of Educational Policy Research – 10/1/10
Spiro Maroulis, Ford Center Research Fellow, along with colleagues at the Northwestern University Institute on Complex Systems, offer innovative insights into understanding the problems in today’s education industry.

Johnson & Johnson CEO Bill Weldon's painful year – 9/7/10
Professor Diermeier offers expertise around corporate image and brand development.

First Business
BP in the Classroom – 8/9/10
Daniel Diermeier discusses the use of the BP crisis as a case for classroom application.

Chicago Tribune
Consumers pushed to alternative brands in light of Tylenol recalls – 8/9/10
Daniel Diermeier comments on Tylenol's recent wave of recalls.

Crisis management 101: What can BP CEO Hayward’s mistakes teach us? – 7/27/10
Daniel Diermeier provides management expertise in this reflection on lessons learned from the BP crisis.

First Business Morning News
Evaluating BP – 6/10/10
Daniel Diermeier provides perspective on the way BP is handling the oil spill crisis.

International Communication and Technology Association
Ford Center Affiliate receives dissertation award – June 2010

David Huffaker wins best Communication and Technology dissertation award for Dimensions of Leadership and Social Influence in Online Communities. He will be honored at the ICA Conference in June 2010. This award honors the memory of Professor Dordick by recognizing annually the most outstanding dissertation on communication and technology produced in the preceding year.

The Economist
Topping up the trust fund: What, if anything, can big banks do to restore their reputations? – 3/15/10
Daniel Diermeier provides insights on consumer trust.

First Business Morning News
Rash of Recalls – 3/10/10
Daniel Diermeier discusses whether or not quality has taken a back seat to profits in the auto industry.

CEOs Say Sorry and Thanks for All the Dough – 3/9/10
Daniel Diermeier comments.

The Sounds of Silence – March 2010
Read what the latest research indicates about the consequences of corporate crisis communications by our professors Adam D. Galinsky and Daniel Diermeier.

Chicago Public Radio: Eight Forty-Eight
How Companies Like Toyota Perform Damage Control – 2/11/10
In this radio interview, Daniel Diermeier comments on how Toyota handled its recent crisis and the implications to the Toyota Brand.

How should Toyota restore public trust? – 2/9/10
Read Professor Diermeier's perspective

PBS – 2/2/10
Professor Daniel Diermeier discusses the impact of the Toyota recall. To view, forward to 6:05.

The Wall Street Journal
Networking for Social Responsibility – 11/23/09
Companies increasingly turn to business schools to find ways to build good practices.

Kellogg INSIGHT in Person
When firms become the target of activists – 10/5/09
Professor Daniel Diermeier is featured.

Security Magazine
Successful Organizational Leadership Expert Advice from the Security Executive Council – 7/1/09
The International Security Management Association (ISMA) partners with the Kellogg School of Management to create the ISMA Senior Executive Leadership Program.

Kellogg News
Thriving in a world of risk and change – 2/13/09
Ford Center Director, Daniel Diermeier, was among the faculty headliners at the Kellogg Centennial conference in Zurich.

Medical News Today
Prediction Markets Go Beyond Politics – 1/20/09
Professor Diermeier's research could potentially bring new value to the medical community.

Science Daily
Predicting Politics: Professors Model Prediction Markets – 1/19/09
Research conducted by Daniel Diermeier and Luis Amaral featuring a new model of how prices fluctuate in prediction markets.

e! Science News
Predicting Politics: Professors Model Prediction Markets – 1/19/09
Research conducted by Daniel Diermeier and Luis Amaral featuring a new model of how prices fluctuate in prediction markets.

Time for bankers to risk an apology? – 10/19/08
Read what the latest research indicates about the consequences of corporate crisis communications by our professors Adam D. Galinsky and Daniel Diermeier.

Kellogg News
Personal brand-building among topics at ‘Nota Bene’ lecture – 4/18/08
Professor Diermeier spoke to a capacity audience in a talk entitled, “Reputation Management: Beyond the Obvious.”

Corporate Responsibility Officer
CRO’s Top 10 Executive Training Programs in Corporate Responsibility 2008
Kellogg School named one of Top 10 training programs.

Transatlantic Symposium
Corporate Human Rights Responsibility: Its Growing Relevance and Enforceability – 10/24/07 – 10/25/07
Daniel Diermeier presents “The Governmental Perspective.”

Roderick Swaab, Ford Center Associate, receives dissertation award – 2/8/07
(Antwerp, Belgium) Roderick received the award for his PhD dissertation, Communication and negotiation in groups and teams: Causes and consequences of shared cognition and group solidarity" (University of Amsterdam, 2005). The NESCoR dissertation award is an annual award for the best doctoral dissertation in Communication Science in the Netherlands.

Health: Where’s the Food From – 7/22/07
Daniel Diermeier comments on Veggie Booty snack recalls.

LA Times
The new FBI means business; As the bureau adapts to the post-9/11 world, it sense supervisors and agents to corporate management school – 12/28/06
Daniel Diermeier teaches in FBI executive education course.

Kellogg News
Professor Daniel Diermeier assumes Directorship of Ford Center – 9/1/06
As of September 1st, 2006, Professor Daniel Diermeier will assume leadership responsibilities for the Ford Center. Formerly the director of the Center for Business, Government and Society, Dr. Diermeier has played an active role in the development of the Ford Center, serving as a faculty affiliate since its inception and as acting director from 2001-2002. All projects, activities, and research affiliated with the Center for Business, Government, and Society will be integrated into the purview new Ford Center.

Kellogg News
Northwestern University Receives Gates Grant to Fund Design of Medical Diagnostics for Development Countries – 8/16/06
Global Health Initiative, a member of the Ford Center, receives funding from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

International Association of Conflict Management
Ford Center Affiliates receive Best Paper award – 2006
Roderick Swaab, Professor Victoria Medvec and Professor Daniel Diermeier have collaborated on a series of papers using the eyeware software to study multiparty decision-making. The research examines the efficiency of multiparty negotiated agreements and team decision-making in computer-mediated and face-to-face negotiations. Specifically, the project investigates the influence of the ability to communicate privately and knowledge of the other parties/identities on the negotiated outcomes. One of the papers from this research collaboration, “Communication media and negotiations: Meta-analyses on processes and outcomes.” by Swaab, R.I. Diermeier, D., Medvec, V., recently received the Best Paper award at the International Association of Conflict Management (Montreal, Canada, 2006).