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Chookaszian Prize in Risk Management


The Chookaszian Prize in Risk Management is an award of $10,000 given -annually to the student or group of students at the Kellogg School of Management who have written the best paper in the area of financial risk management. Papers are nominated by a Kellogg School faculty member and the winner is selected by a committee comprised of faculty and experts in the field. Topics could be, but are not limited to, the areas of derivatives, hedging, insurance and risk management. Papers should be submitted to Professors Robert McDonald and Ravi Jagannathan by June 1, 2010. The prize will be announced in June of 2010.

The Kellogg School is grateful to Dennis Chookaszian for his generosity in establishing the Prize. Mr. Chookaszian has spent his career in the area of risk management. He is committed to the area of risk management and believes that it is an area that merits further academic exploration. Mr. Chookaszian served as Chairman and CEO of CNA Insurance from 1992 to 1999 and as Chairman and CEO of mPower, a registered investment advisor, from 1999 to 2001. In addition, Mr. Chookaszian has served as director and/or trustee for a variety of academic, business, and civic organizations, including Northwestern University, the American Council of Life Insurance, the National Merit Scholarship Corporation, the Foundation for Health Enhancement, and the Boy Scouts of America.

2009 Winner of the Chookaszian Prize
    Thomas Johnson

Approximating Optimal Trading Strategies Under Parameter Uncertainty: A Monte Carlo Approach (PDF 461 KB / 33 pages)


2008 Winners of the Chookaszian Prize

    Jay Viswanathan and Brent Sacha
      The Effect of EPS Estimate Dispersion on Option Implied Volatility and Straddle Price Changes Following Earnings Announcements (PDF 260 KB / 31 pages)Table 9 (Excel 72 KB)
2007 Winner of the Chookaszian Prize
    Dobrislav Dobrev
      Capturing Volatility from Large Price Moves: Generalized Range Theory and Applications (PDF 5.19 MB / 51 pages)
2006 Winner of the Chookaszian Prize
    Mike Jakola
      Credit Default Swap Index Options: Evaluating the viability of a new product for the CBOE (PDF 256 KB / 20 pages)
2005 Winners of the Chookaszian Prize
    Chad Dau and Matthew Groch
      Approaches for Avoiding Margin Call Situations Through Risk-Management Automation (PDF 261 KB / 33 pages)
2004 Winners of the Chookaszian Prize
    Justin Busarakamwong, Yao Loong Ng and Ivan Stamenovic
      A Framework for Assessing the Diversification Benefits of Additional Securities on Portfolio Risk (PDF 512 KB / 56 pages)
    Richard Cobbs and Alex Wolf
      Jet Fuel Hedging Strategies: Options Available for Airlines and a Survey of Industry Practices (PDF 229 KB / 23 pages)
2003 Winners of the Chookaszian Prize
    Matt Demaray and Laurent Luccioni
      Risk Measurement for Hedge Fund Portfolios
(PDF 1.7 MB / 52 pages)
  2002 Winners of the Chookaszian Prize

Amy Ballew, Meenu Gupta, Geoffrey Lasry, and Ariel Weinberger:

      Hedge Funds: Approaches to Diversification
(PDF 450 KB / 50 pages)
  2001 Winners of the Chookaszian Prize

Sean Kelley, Christo Leventis and Arthur Weiss:

      The Failure of Risk Management: A New Perspective on the California Electricity Market (PDF 312 KB / 51 pages)
    Andre Buchheim , Andrew Grinstead, Ray Janssen, Jaime Juan and Jagdeep Sahni:
      Buy, Sell, or Hold? An Event Study Analysis of Significant Single Day Losses in Equity Value (PDF 365 KB / 60 pages)
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