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Governing Family Enterprises

"A Program for Directors, Shareholders and Executives"


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March 3-7, 2013
October 6-10, 2013
March 2-6, 2014
October 5-9, 2014

Location: James L. Allen Center, Evanston, Illinois, USA

Define and optimize the roles and responsibilities of owners, family members, independent board members, and the executive team as they face the unique set of challenges posed by family business governance.

The Kellogg School recognizes the specialized knowledge and skills needed to navigate a family business, and has designed a highly interactive and dynamic program to help accomplish goals of business success and sustainability. In this program you explore ways of uniting and building trust to increase your board’s effectiveness and contribution. The role of non-employed family shareholders will also be addressed.

The seminar shows you how to harness diverse interests and foster a cooperative spirit, and is taught by senior members of the Kellogg School of Management’s world-renowned faculty in conjunction with leading family governance experts who serve as directors of both family and non-family boards.

Leading Family Enterprises
"A Program for New and Upcoming Family Business Directors and Executives"


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May 5-9, 2013
May 4-8, 2014

Location: James L. Allen Center, Evanston, Illinois, USA

This is a four-day course for folks in the family who are two years on either side of becoming leaders of the family business or the family foundation or the family investment firm or the family council.  Special features of this course include sessions on how leadership change and leadership are different in family enterprises, how to lead culture, and person coaching. 

Upcoming Joint Programs with Kellogg Partner Schools Abroad:

"Perpetuating the Family Business"
Date TBD
Indian School of Business in Hyderabad

"Family Business Program"
Date TBD
Kellogg-HKUST in Hong Kong


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