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Negotiation, Teamwork, and Decision Making Exercises

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The Dispute Resolution Research Center distributes over 130 exercises in the areas of negotiation, dispute resolution, competitive decision making, and teamwork. These exercises are used by instructors in schools of law, management, communications, and public policy around the world as well as by consultants and management trainers. DRRC’s exercises are accessible to instructors and trainers at negotiationexercises.com. Each exercise is accompanied by extensive teaching notes. DRRC’s site provides for electronic ordering and immediate delivery of exercises in PDF form that can then be distributed to students.

Supplemental materials at new.negotiationexercises.com include the following books and DVD:

The Dynamics of Bargaining Games by J. Keith Murnighan
Getting Disputes Resolved by William L. Ury, Jeanne M. Brett, and Stephen B. Goldberg
Instructor’s Manual for Mind and Heart of the Negotiator by Leigh Thompson
Instructor’s Manual for Making the Team by Leigh Thompson
Instructor’s Manual for Negotiating Globally by Jeanne M. Brett
Mediation in Action DVD

Also see new.negotiationexercises.com for the Kellogg Team and Group Center’s (KTAG) teams and groups decision making exercises.

DRRC hopes that these teaching materials will be very successful in your class. We are happy to receive feedback on them -- what worked, what needs improvement. If you have any technical problems or questions, do not hesitate to contact the DRRC by email: drrc@kellogg.northwestern.edu, phone 847-491-8068, or fax 847-467-5700.



Teaching Enhancements

DRRC Build a Course in an Integrated platform for selecting DRRC exercises, assigning students to groups and roles, delivering roles to students.  Students pay their royalties directly via credit card.

ForClass.com is designed for educators by educators, ForClass boosts student accountability and in-class participation through engaging technology that also reduces instructor prep time. Before your next negotiation exercise, you can easily assign groups and deliver roles, and use ForClass to also capture and display results. Visibility into your students' perceptions and feedback enables you to share what they know, leading to richer, more effective learning experiences. Visit ForClass.com to learn more.

ExpertNegotiator Planning & Management Software will ensure you put our proven, research-based strategies into practice and help managers create and implement negotiation best practices. This web-based software also helps organizations capture critical intelligence about their counterparts’ reputations and styles, including adding who bluffs and who can be trusted to your institutional memory.

Check out a brief online demo at www.ExpertNegotiator.com.



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