Working Papers

The faculty, associates, and graduate students affiliated with the Center write numerous working papers each year. Many of these papers are subsequently published in a wide variety of scholarly journals in the disciplines of psychology, economics, and political science, as well as in the interdisciplinary fields of organizational behavior, communications, negotiation theory, and law. Following is a list of the DRRC's current working papers which you can order directly, and lists of the DRRC published papers in various categories which can be found in most institutional and large public libraries. The DRRC does not provide copies of published papers.


447- Caught in Cycles of Conflict?  Electoral Alliances and Temporal Variations in Ethnic Riot Violence in Kenya - October 2013
Aditi Malik  PDF
446- Managing Emotions in Employment Disputes: A New Pre-caucus Model of the Manager-as-a-mediator - October 2013 
Roderick Swaab, Jeanne M. Brett PDF
444- Chinese Managers and Negotiation Strategy:  An Actor-Partner Interdependence Model - August 2013
Cuilian Zhang, Jeanne Brett and Zhixue Zhang PDF
442-  Combating Automatic Autobiographical Associations: The effect of instruction and training in strategically concealing information in the Autobiographical Implicit Assciation Test  - May 2012
Xiaoqing Hu  PDF
441 - Security or Identity? State and Homeland in Israeli Politics and Popular Belief  - May 2012
Ariel Zellman  PDF
440 - The End of a Violent Era: The Roles of Force in Russian Business Conflics - January 2012
Jordan Gans-Morse PDF
439 - Something to Lose and Nothing to Gain: The Role of Stress in the Interactive Effect of Power and Stability on Risk-taking - November 2011
Jennifer Jordan, Niro Sivanathan, Adam Galinsky PDF
438 - Culture, Development, and Zero-Sum Thought - November 2011
Louisa Egan Brad, Daniel Diermeier
437 - In Harm's Way: African Counterinsurgency and Patronage Politics - November 2011
Chris Day, Will Reno PDF
435 - Cultural Differences in the Function and Meaning of Apologies - June 2011
William Maddux, Peter Kim, Tetsushi Okumura, Jeanne Brett PDF
434 - Relational Construal in Negotiation: Propositions and Examples from Latin and Anglo Cultures - June 2011
Jimena Ramirez-Marin, Jeanne Brett PDF
432 - Managing Negotiating Teams: How Team Challenges Can Act as Catalysts or Suppressors of Effective Team Management - June 2011
Kristin Behfar, Ray Friedman, Jeanne Brett PDF
431 - Negotiation - June 2011
Brosh Teucher, Jeanne Brett, Brian Gunia PDF
430 - The Ethical and Social Consequences of a Calculative Mindset - June 2011
Long Wang, Chen-Bo Zhong, J. Keith Murnighan PDF
429 - Beauty Shines Brighter in the Company of Ugly: The Critical Role of Trust & Social Comparisons in Interpersonal and Work Relationships -June 2011
Niro Sivanathan, Long Wang, Li Huang, J. Keith Murnighan PDF
428 - Framing the Helping Decision: "Prevent a Death" beats "Save a Life" - June 2011
Eileen Chou, J. Keith Murnighan PDF
427 - The Relational Costs of Complete Contracts - June 2011
Eileen Chou, Nir Halevy, J. Keith Murnighan PDF
426 - Retribution and Emotional Regulation: The Effects of Time Delay in Angry Economic Interactions - June 2011
Cynthia Wang, Niro Sivanathan, Jayanth Narayanan, Deshani B. Ganegoda, Monika Bauer, Galen Bodenhausen, J. Keith Murnighan PDF
425 - The Blame-Taker's Dilemma: Actions and Reaction in the Wake of Organizational Failure - June 2011
Brian Gunia PDF
424 - Owning it or feeling it? Blame and remorse in the wake of failure - June 2011
Brian Gunia PDF
421 - Owning it or feeling it? Blame and remorse in the wake of failure - June 2011
Sujin Lee, Jeanne Brett, Ji Hyearn Park PDF
420 - Gender and Role in Conflict Management: Female and Male Managers as Third Parties - May 2011
Imen Benharda, Jeanne Brett, Alain Lempereur PDF
419 -  Manifest and Latent Interests and the Construction of Bridging Agreements - May 2011
Jeffrey Loewenstein, Taeya Howell, Jeanne Brett PDF
 417 -  Identifying Culture and Leveraging Cultural Differences for Negotiation Agents - April 2011
B. Ziebart, Miroslav Dudik, Geoff Gordon, Katia Sycara, Wendi Adair, Jeanne Brett PDF 


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