The DRRC's research agenda is carried out through eight ongoing programs:

  • The grants program funds small research studies and provides seed money for major studies.

  • The dinner colloquium provides an opportunity for the exchange of ideas between researchers and practitioners.

  • The research seminar series enables faculty and students to keep abreast of the latest research being done at Northwestern and other universities.

  • The work-in-progress seminars are a forum for sharing ideas that are under development, and an opportunity for researchers to receive advice about their research plans.

  • The post-doctoral program provides an opportunity for new Ph.D.s, trained in the disciplines, to become involved in research and teaching in the area of negotiation and dispute resolution.

  • Conferences provide opportunities to integrate a variety of perspectives on negotiation and dispute resolution topics.

  • The working paper series disseminates the research being supported by the DRRC.

  • The visiting faculty program provides an opportunity for in-depth discussions and the development of new research collaborations between faculty from other institutions and faculty and students associated with DRRC.

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