Center on the Science of Diversity (CSD)

Center Faculty

Galen Bodenhausen  

Galen Bodenhausen, Center Co-Chair  Email | Homepage
Lawyer Taylor Professor of Psychology and Marketing

Research Interests: The subtle influences of stereotypes and prejudice on perception, judgment, and behavior; effects of emotion and arousal on decision making; the effects of diverse social settings on interpersonal behavior; the role of social identities in shaping consumer behavior

Katherine Phillips  

Katherine Phillips, Center Co-Chair  Email | Homepage
Associate Professor of Management and Organizations

Research Interests: Diversity in small groups; Minority influence; Information sharing; Status; Identity; Boundary management

Lindsay Chase-Lansdale  

P. Lindsay Chase-Lansdale  Email | Homepage
Professor, Human Development and Social Policy PhD Program
Faculty Fellow, Institute for Policy Research
Director, Cells to Society (C2S): The Center on Social Disparities and Health at the Institute for Policy Research

Research interests: Public policy and child and adolescent development; family functioning; consequences of poverty and welfare reform on children and families

Joan Chiao  

Joan Chiao, Steering Committee Member  Email | Homepage
Assistant Professor: Brain, Behavior, and Cognition; Social Psychology

Research Interests: Social, affective and cultural neuroscience; Race and its influence on perception, cognition and emotion; Psychological and neural mechanisms underlying social status and dominance; Integration of psychology and neuroscience research to public policy and population health issues

Victoria DeFrancesco-Soto  

Victoria M. DeFrancesco Soto, Steering Committee Member  Email | Homepage
Assistant Professor of Political Science and African American Studies
Faculty Fellow, Institute for Policy Research

Research interests: Voting Behavior; Race and Ethnic Politics; Political Psychology; Inter-Minority Relations; Immigration

Alice Eagly  

Mesmin Destin  Email | Homepage
Assistant Professor of Psychology (WCAS) and Human Development and Social Policy (SESP).

Research interests: SES, academic motivation, and achievement; effects of financial assets on goals and behavior; classroom-based interventions 

Alice Eagly  

Alice Eagly  Email | Homepage
James Padilla Professor of Arts & Sciences and Professor of Psychology. Courtesy appointment at Kellogg School of Management; Management and Organizations
Faculty Fellow, Institute for Policy Research

Research interests: Gender and leadership; Discrimination; Stereotyping; The use of social science evidence in discrimination litigation

Adam Galinsky  

Adam Galinsky, Steering Committee Member  Email | Homepage
Morris and Alice Kaplan Professor of Ethics and Decision in Management

Research Interests: Power and status; Cross-cultural experiences and creativity; Intergroup conflict; Stereotyping and stigma

Eszter Hargittai  

Eszter Hargittai   Homepage
Associate Professor of Communication Studies

Research interests:  The social and policy implications of information technologies (IT); with a particular interest in how IT may contribute to or alleviate social inequalities

Angela Lee  

Angela Lee   Email | Homepage
Mechthild Esser Nemmers Professor of Marketing

Research interests: Effects of exposure on consumer learning, product evaluation and brand choice; Conscious and nonconscious influences of memory; Self regulation, motivation and persuasion; Cross cultural similarities and differences in information processing; Affect and emotion; Metacognition

Douglas Medin  

Douglas Medin  Email | Homepage
Louis W. Menk Professor of Psychology and Education

Research interests: Culture; Cognition and Learning; Computational Models of Cognition; Concept and Classification Learning and Decision Making; Native American Science Education

Keith Murnighan  

Keith Murnighan  Email | Homepage
Harold H. Hines Jr. Professor of Risk Management

Research interests: Leadership; Negotiation; Decision Making; Teams

Mary Pattillo  

Mary Pattillo  Email | Homepage
Harold Washington Professor of Sociology and Professor of African American Studies; Faculty Associate, Institute for Policy Research

Research interests: race and ethnicity (with an emphasis on class stratification); urban sociology; poverty; inequality; policy and qualitative methods

Lincoln Quillian  

Lincoln Quillian  Email | Homepage
Associate Professor of Sociology
Faculty Fellow, Institute for Policy Research

Research interests: Prejudice and discrimination; Racial inequality in American society

Jennifer Richeson  

Jennifer Richeson, Steering Committee Member  Email | Homepage
Professor of Psychology and African American Studies
Faculty Fellow, Institute for Policy Research

Research Interests: Cognitive, affective, and behavioral dynamics and consequences of interracial contact and diversity; Detecting, confronting, and managing the threats associated with prejudice and discrimination; social categorization and identity management


Lauren Rivera  Email | Homepage
Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations

Research Interests: Interpersonal evaluation, class, gender, and race in labor markets

Dorothy Roberts  

Dorothy Roberts   Email | Homepage
Kirkland & Ellis Professor of Law and Faculty Fellow, Institute for Policy Research

Research Interests:  The interplay of gender, race, and class in legal issues concerning reproduction, bioethics, and child welfare

Reuel Rogers  

Reuel Rogers    Email | Homepage
Associate Professor of Political Science

Research Interests:  American politics, in particular race, ethnicity, immigration, urban politics, and political behavior

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Karl Rosengren, Ph.D   Karl Rosengren, Ph.D.    Email | Homepage
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Cognitive Psychology

Research Interests: Cultural Influences on Development, Cognitive and motor development.


Paola Sapienza  

Paola Sapienza  Email | Homepage
Professor of Finance, Zell Center Faculty Fellow

Research interests: Financial development, financial institutions, political economy, behavioral economics


Nicole Stephens  Email | Homepage
Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations 

Research interests: Culture, the self, and agency; the processes through which social class, race/ethnicity, and gender shape psychological functioning and important life outcomes such as educational attainment and health; the sociocultural sources and consequences of prejudice, discrimination, and social inequality

Elaine Wong  

Elaine Wong  Email | Homepage
Assistant Professor, Communication Studies

Research interests: Interpersonal and organizational communication; Leadership; Groups and Teams; Social perceptions and how they affect group processes and performance

Kimberly Yuracko  

Kimberly Yuracko  Email | Homepage
Interim Dean, School of Law; Professor of Law

Research interests: Anti-discrimination law, with a focus on sex discrimination in employment and gender equity in athletics

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