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KIN Global 2016: Creating the Future 

June 1-3, 2016

Miami, FL

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CRTI education, advisory and advocacy services and initiatives

CRTI leadership, faculty and staff apply their experience and expertise in marketing, invention, engineering, strategy and law to create and deliver value across an interconnected array of education, advisory and advocacy services and initiatives. We collaborate with and offer these services to corporations, governmentnonprofit organizations and individuals in academia.

Educational offerings
CRTI faculty deliver purpose-driven education on a broad range of innovation and technology subject matter through executive education, customized programs for organizations and degree programs at educational institutions worldwide.

Organizational capabilities development
Working collaboratively with our corporate partners, CRTI designs comprehensive, customized capabilities development programs that deliver measurable improvements in marketing and innovation and ultimately shareholder value.

Policy Advisory
CRTI helps define the future of innovation and intellectual capital worldwide through active involvement and leadership in government agency initiatives, standard-setting and advisory bodies domestically and internationally.







Academic Partners 

Academic Partners