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Center research focuses on the health industry, broadly construed, as well as industries affected by the health industry. The "traditional" health industry includes providers, such as physicians and hospitals, and insurers, including managed care organizations. The industry also includes suppliers of medical technology, including pharmaceutical, biotech, device and diagnostic manufacturers.

Select the title to read an abstract and download any of the following papers:

Competition and Market Power in Option Demand Markets
Capps, C., Dranove, D. and M. Satterthwaite

Determinants of HMO Formulary Adoption Decisions (Paper: PDF 414 KB)
Dranove, D., Hughes, E., and M. Shanley

Differentiation and Competition in HMO Markets
Dranove, D., Gron, A. and M. Mazzeo

Do Report Cards Tell Consumers Anything They Don't Already Know? The Case of Medicare HMOs (Paper: PDF)
Dafny L., Dranove, D.

The Effect of Hospital Closure on Competitors and Markets
Lindrooth, R., Lo Sasso, T. and G. Bazzoli

Estimation and Identification of Merger Effects: An Application to Hospital Mergers (Paper: PDF)
Dafny L.

Games Hospitals Play: Entry Deterrence in Hospital Procedure Markets (Paper: PDF)
Dafny L.

Has the Malpractice Crisis in Flordia Affected Access to Care for Maternity Patients?
Dranove, D., Gron A., Sfekas A.

Hospital Closure and Economic Efficiency
Capps, C., Dranove, D., Lindrooth, R.

Hospital Consolidation and Efficiencies: Another Look at the Evidence
Dranove, D., and R. Lindrooth

How Do Hospitals Respond to Price Changes? (Paper: PDF)
Dafny L.

Is More Information Better? The Effects of 'Report Cards' on Health Care Providers (Paper: PDF 269 KB)
Dranove, D., Kessler, D., McClellan, M., and M. Satterthwaite

Medical Bankruptcy: Myth vs. Fact
Dranove, D. (corresponding author), Millenson, M.

Patient Admission Patterns and Acquisitions of “Feeder” Hospitals
Nakamura, S., Capps, C., Dranove, D.

Provider Selection, Bargaining, and Utilization Management in Managed Care
Lindrooth, R., Norton, E. and B. Dickey

Regulatory Exploitation and the Market for Corporate Control
Dafny L., Dranove D.

The Silent Majority Fallacy of the Elzinga-Hogarty Criteria: A Critique and New Approach to Analyzing Hospital Mergers (Paper: PDF 2.14 MB)
Capps, C., Dranove, D., Greenstein, S., and M. Satterthwaite

The Substance of Style: A Study of Small Area Variations in the Practice Styles of OB/GYN Specialists in Florida
Dranove, D., Ramanarayanan, S., Rao, H.

A Theory of Utilization Review (Paper: PDF 291 KB)
Dranove, D. , and K. Spier

Utilization Management and Cost Sharing between Payers and Insurers of Health Care
Lindrooth, R.

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