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The Kellogg CEW Review, September 2011


Women’s Senior Leadership Program

October 26-28, 2011
February 8-10, 2012
May 2-4, 2012
October 3-5, 2012

Women’s Director Development Program

November 9-11, 2011
November 14-16, 2012


Opting Out or Overlooking Discrimination?
How the Framework of "Free Choice" can Obscure the Reality of Gender Inequality

Kellogg Insight, August, 2011

New research from Kellogg Professor Nicole Stephens shows how popular beliefs regarding personal choice have given rise to the assumption that gender barriers no longer exist in the workplace.

Read the full article to learn what preconceptions may be standing in the way of a more widespread understanding of the barriers women face in achieving workplace equality.

Sight Over Sound
Mode of Communication Matters in Negotiations

Kellogg Insight, September, 2011

When is it better to negotiate in person and when will teleconferencing, phone, or email suffice? Research by Center Director and Kellogg professor Victoria Medvec along with Kellogg professors Adam Galinsky and Daniel Diermeier, and INSEAD professor Roderick Swaab suggest the answer might not be as straightforward as you think.

Click this link to learn more about selecting the right communication channel for your negotiations.


Reputation Rules: Strategies for Building Your Company's Most Valuable Asset
by Daniel Diermeier

Kellogg professor Daniel Deirmeier explores the necessity of managing corporate reputation, offering dozens of case studies and examining strategies and principles for achieving the best reputational outcomes.

The Plough and the Now: Deep-Seated Attitudes to Women Have Roots in Ancient Agriculture
The Economist

An intriguing new paper suggests that cultural disparities regarding the prevalence and acceptance of women in the workplace can be traced to ancient agricultural practices.

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What topic or topics would you like to see explored in one of our Distinguished Women of Kellogg Speaker Series events?

Please take a moment to complete this brief online survey. Or, you can submit your suggestions via email.






The Kellogg Center for Executive Women Steering Committee plays a vital role in the ongoing development and success of the Center. In recent issues of our newsletter, we have been introducing you to some of our Steering Committee Members. In this issue we would like to introduce Lisa Shalett, a partner at Goldman Sachs, and a valuable addition to the Kellogg Center for Executive Women Steering Committee.

Meet Lisa Shalett...

Lisa Shalett knows a thing or two about stepping up to the challenges of executive leadership. Asked in April 2010 to take on the role of Global Head of Brand Marketing and Digital Strategy for Goldman Sachs, she was charged with spearheading the launch of the firm’s new corporate advertising campaign. The campaign was designed to educate the general public about the firm and its impacts – no small task, particularly at a time when anger and misunderstanding of the financial industry ran high. Fortunately, Shalett was up to the job.  With sixteen years of Goldman Sachs experience behind her, spanning a diverse array of leadership roles (not to mention multiple hemispheres), she brought the skills and understanding needed to develop and then launch the award-winning campaign just five months later.

For some, piloting such success in the face of pressure and the public eye would stand as a career achievement; for Shalett it amounts to just another day at the office. After starting her financial services career by leveraging her knowledge of Japan (both language and business) into a position as a Japanese Shares Sales Associate with Barclays in NY, she quickly moved to Goldman Sachs, eventually relocating to Tokyo as the Co-Head of the Japanese Shares Business globally.  Two years later she returned to New York, where she became Head of International Equities and was selected as a partner. Shortly thereafter, she was asked to become COO of Global Compliance, Legal and Internal Audit, a position she held for several years before stepping into her current role last April.

As a member of the Kellogg Center for Executive Women Steering Committee, Shalett brings not only the leadership experience and acumen that have led to her moving up the ranks at Goldman Sachs, but a proven commitment to the overall success of women in business as well. A participant in the Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit, Shalett has served as both a Senior Sponsor for Goldman Sachs affinity networks focused on the promotion and retention of women and as a mentor for the Fortune/U.S. State Department Global Women’s Mentoring Partnership.  When it comes to transforming the upper reaches of the corporate landscape, she is especially proud of the work the Center does and the role she plays in helping to drive its mission forward. “Everywhere I go I hear talented, senior-level women saying they want to be on boards but don't know how to get there,” she says.  “The Center is making a difference, and it means a lot to me to be part of an organization that is a force for change.”

Shalett’s most emphatic piece of advice for young female leaders looking to navigate the corporate path as she has done is to invest in network-building in a committed and disciplined way. “Meet people, connect with them, learn from and share with them. It sounds easy,” she says, “but nearly all women tell me they find it hard to do. Yet this is an investment that step-by-step pays off.” So it is, her vision for the Center focuses on leveraging its resources to create networking communities that can “help women connect with each other, help women connect to boards and vice versa, and help market the Center’s services.”

As the Kellogg Center for Executive Women explores new ways to do just that, we are thankful to have Lisa Shalett’s leadership savvy onboard to help us face whatever challenges may lie ahead as we continue in our mission to transform the corporate world.


The Kellogg Center for Executive Women has been working in collaboration with the Kellogg Alumni Relations Office and a fabulous group of Kellogg alumnae to convene a series of talks featuring some of today's most accomplished female business leaders sharing their experiences and insights on topics relating to leadership and corporate governance.  These talks bring together both graduates of the Center's Women’s Senior Leadership Program and Women’s Director Development Program as well as some of the Kellogg School of Management’s most senior-level alumnae. In addition to offering informative and thought-provoking discussions and panels, these events serve as fantastic networking opportunities for female executives from around the country to return to Kellogg and connect with one another.

The series’ first session centered around a presentation from Betsy Holden, a Senior Advisor for McKinsey & Company, on findings from the McKinsey Study, “How Remarkable Women Lead,” followed by a panel discussion featuring three high-profile (and highly remarkable) female executives. Panelists included President and CEO of US Cellular, Mary Dillon; then-CFO of the Chicago Public Schools, Diana Ferguson; and EVP and Chief Category and Marketing Officer of Kraft Foods, Mary Beth West.

The second session took place in May, 2011, featuring a panel of female corporate directors with female senior executives from the same companies. The panelists discussed how the Board and senior management can work together to drive corporate performance. The panel included representatives from Pfizer Inc. (Director, Suzanne Nora Johnson and Chief Medical Officer and Senior VP, Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall) and Genomic Health, Inc. (Director, Ginger Graham and President and CEO, Kim Popovits).
The third session in this special series is scheduled to take place in the spring of 2012 on Northwestern University’s Evanston campus.  As the Center looks ahead to planning this event and those beyond it, we are interested in hearing your suggestions for possible future topics to explore. What questions or subjects related to leadership or corporate governance would you like to hear discussed by some of the most extraordinary women in business today? Please let us know by taking a moment to complete this survey or by emailing with any ideas or suggestions you may have. Additionally, be on the lookout in the coming months for a save-the-date email containing more detailed information about our spring event. We hope as many of you as possible can join us for what promises to be an exciting and enlightening evening as well as a great opportunity to connect with graduates of our Center’s programs and accomplished Kellogg alumnae.

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