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The Kellogg CEW Review, Sept. 2010



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Women’s Senior Leadership Program
October 20-22, 2010
February 9-11, 2011
May 4-6, 2011
October 5-7, 2011

Women’s Director Development Program
November 10-12, 2010
May 18-20, 2011
November 9-11, 2011


"Living the Brand" with Professor Lisa Fortini-Campbell

Thursday, October 14th
7:30-930 am

This event is part of the Kellogg Executive Lecture Series and is free of charge with advance registration. Bring your team, or invite your clients and prospects.

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"How Remarkable Women Lead" presented by Betsy Holden, Senior Advisor for McKinsey & Company

Wednesday, October 20th
6:15 pm

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How Remarkable Women Lead
by Joanna Barsh and Susie Cranston

INFLUENCE: Science and Practice by Robert B. Cialdini (recommended by Professor Victoria Medvec)

Not Everyone Gets a Trophy: How to Manage Generation Y
by Bruce Tulgan

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In part two of our "Meet the New Steering Committee Members" series we would like to introduce you to Kay Napier, an alumnae of the Women's Director Development Program and one of our newest Steering Committee Members.

Meet Kay Napier...

The average consumer might not see an obvious connection between Actonel, an osteoporosis drug developed by Procter & Gamble, and a grilled chicken Caesar salad at McDonald’s.  But to Kay Napier they both represent key moments in a successful career, one that has long centered upon identifying the products that female consumers need and want.  Her twenty-three years at Procter & Gamble culminated in a Vice President role, during which she strengthened the company’s focus on women’s health and well-being and launched Actonel, one of P&G’s fastest-growing brands of all time.  Napier followed that with an appointment to SVP of Marketing at McDonald’s, where she launched the balanced lifestyle program and the Premium Salad line, in large part because she felt that “we should target moms directly as women—not just as moms—and recognize that McDonald’s has not provided them with choices they always feel comfortable eating.”  The strategy worked; the launch was recognized as an essential element in the historic McDonald’s turnaround and Napier cemented her reputation as a leader who could revolutionize a company.

Even the most naturally talented executives, however, often seek help in transitioning to new levels of their careers, and for Kay Napier, that moment came when she began joining corporate boards, like those of the Alberto Culver Company and the Mentor Corporation.  “The role of a director requires rigorous understanding of a number of different subjects that you don’t necessarily learn in corporate life as an executive,” Napier told the CEW.  She found the knowledge she was looking for at the Women’s Director Development Program, which gives new and aspiring directors the keys to effective corporate governance.  “The program really prepares you on all fronts,” Napier explained.

The program turned out to be just the beginning of Napier’s relationship with the Kellogg CEW.  Soon after ascending to the CEO position at Arbonne International, Napier agreed to serve on the Kellogg CEW Steering Committee, where she will help determine what programs and resources will most benefit other female executives and thus guide the Kellogg CEW’s future initiatives. “I can’t overstate the importance of having someone like Kay offer her insights and ideas to us,” said Victoria Husted Medvec, Executive Director of the Kellogg CEW.  “She so thoroughly understands our goal of transforming the corporate landscape, and I think that shared vision will make for an amazing partnership.”     


The Kellogg Center for Executive Women and the Kellogg Alumni Relations Office are working together to convene a series of sessions for the most influential women from Kellogg.  We will launch this series with Betsy Holden, Senior Advisor for McKinsey & Company, presenting the findings of the McKinsey study on How Remarkable Women Lead.

A select  panel of senior level executives including Mary Dillon, President and Chief Executive Officer, U S Cellular, Diana Ferguson, Chief Financial Officer, Chicago Public Schools, and Mary Beth West, Executive Vice President and Chief Category and  Marketing Officer, Kraft Foods will offer their perspectives on the study.

Please join us on Wednesday, October 20, 2010 in the Allen Center’s Tribune Auditorium, located on Northwestern University’s Evanston campus, at 6:15 PM for a networking reception followed by this fascinating program.

If you are interested in attending this event, please RSVP to by October 15th.


The DiversityInc Top 10 Companies for Executive Women

"For the past 10 years, DiversityInc has been studying why some corporate cultures have sustainable and incremental track records of women being promoted into the highest levels".

Read the full article to find out what makes these companies stand out as top companies for executive women .

Why Men Still Get More Promotions Than Women
by Herminia Ibarra, Nancy M. Carter and Christine Silva

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