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The CEW Review, November 2009


The Center for Executive Women would like to host a webinar in 2010 and we want to know what topics you are interested in hearing about.

You are welcome to share your webinar experiences and offer topic suggestions on the CEW LinkedIn discussion site.  You may also send your feedback in an email.

We look forward to hearing what you have to say!


Women’s Impact Series
"Women Surviving and Thriving During Turbulent Economic Times"
January 28-29, 2010

Women’s Director Development Program
May 26-28, 2010
November 10-12, 2010

Women’s Senior Leadership Program
October 20-22, 2010
February 9-11, 2011
May 4-6, 2011
October 5-7, 2011


Seven Lessons for Leading in Crisis
by Bill George, Professor of Management Practice at Harvard Business School

A Woman's Place is in the Boardroom
by Peninah Thomson and Jacey Graham with Tom Lloyd


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Dear Friends of the CEW,

We are pleased to bring you the second edition of the CEW Review.  It has been an exciting project for us and we look forward to keeping you updated with the latest CEW news.


As we approach the holiday season and the end of 2009, we want to remind you of our first program of the New Year.  The Women’s Impact Series will be held on January 28th-29th at the James L. Allen Center in Evanston, Illinois.  It is open to past and present participants, as well as your colleagues and friends. 

The theme of the 2010 Women’s Impact Series is Surviving and Thriving in Turbulent Economic Times.  The focus of the program will be on gaining an understanding of the current economic situation and the issues that have forced organizations and individuals to adopt a new way of thinking about how they do business. 

Taught by top Kellogg Faculty and industry experts, the 2010 Women’s Impact Series will include a session on Negotiating Effectively in Turbulent Economic Times, taught by Professor Victoria Medvec, as well as a very timely segment, From Financial Crisis to Economic Recovery, with Professor Sergio Rebelo.  Along with Kellogg faculty, there will be an opportunity to hear what Lisa Shalett, the current COO of Global Compliance, Legal and Internal Audit Divisions at Goldman Sachs, has to say about life on Wall Street in Anecdotes from the Front Line. You don’t want to miss this!

For more information on the Women’s Impact Series and to reserve your place, click here.


For those of you who have participated in the Women’s Director Development Program and/or the Women’s Senior Leadership Program, you have become aware of the significance of strategically using your networks.  As many of you know, it has become common for organizations to encourage the use of social networking websites as a way of communicating with their members and affiliates.

The Center for Executive Women now has groups on both LinkedIn and Facebook and we hope that you will feel free to use these sites as a way to connect with each other.  We also hope that you will keep us up to date on any new developments in your career and let us know how we can better help you to build your social capital. 


"Opportunity or Setback? High Potential Women and Men during Economic Crisis" by Nancy M. Carter, Ph.D. and Christine Silva, Catalyst. (August 2009)
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“When Directors Sweat the Small Stuff" by Ram Charan, The Conference Boardroom. (Summer 2009)
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