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The CEW Review, March 2010


If you were to attend a 2 1/2 day executive education program, what days would you prefer to attend?

a.) Monday-Wednesday
b.) Tuesday-Thursday
c.) Wednesday-Friday

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Women’s Senior Leadership Program
October 20-22, 2010
February 9-11, 2011
May 4-6, 2011
October 5-7, 2011

Women’s Director Development Program
May 26-28, 2010
November 10-12, 2010

Kellogg Executive MBA Program Women's Recruiting Event

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Professor Victoria Medvec will moderate a panel of Kellogg Women alumni discussing the impact Kellogg has had on their careers.

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Ask for It by Linda Babcock and Sara Laschever

Why Women Mean Business by Avivah Wittenberg-Cox & Alison Maitland






The CEW's Steering Committee plays a very important role in the ongoing development of the Center for Executive Women. In 2009 the CEW welcomed four new members to its steering committee. We will use the next few issues of the CEW Review to introduce the new members to you.

Meet Gerri Elliot...

Long before Gerri Elliott became a top executive in the IT world and the newest member of the Center for Executive Women Steering Committee, she knew she had a trick up her sleeve.  “An early manager of mine told me once that I had a great ‘fastball,’” Elliott explained, a term that she uses to describe any personal leadership strength that embodies both skill and passion.  “His advice was, ‘continue to find opportunities which allow you to grow but also allow you to continue to throw your fastball.’ It’s stuck with me over the years and it’s been a great compass for me as I evaluated new opportunities.”

Elliott passed that wisdom along to other professional women as she climbed the ranks of some of the world’s largest technology companies.  After a 22-year tenure at IBM that included senior executive positions in the US and internationally, Elliott took on visionary roles at Microsoft, helping to bring technological solutions to organizations in the public sector.  During her latest career move, to become the Executive Vice President of Strategic Alliances of Juniper Networks, she found a new resource, a new way of identifying more of the “fastballs” she has always prized—the CEW’s Women’s Senior Leadership Program.
“I came to WSLP thinking that networking with other great senior women leaders would be the primary benefit,” Elliott said.  “WSLP gave me that but much, much more.”  She explained that her time at Kellogg had provided a whole new perspective on skills that she’d always considered her strengths, essentials like negotiations and public presentations.  “The sessions on negotiations were outstanding.  Even though I swore going into it that I already knew everything I needed to know – I was so wrong!  It had been quite a while since I had actually taken any time to invest in myself.”

Now Elliott is using her experience, both from within the WSLP and beyond it, to give back to the CEW.  Victoria Husted Medvec, Executive Director of the CEW, thinks that Elliott’s presence on the Steering Committee will provide the valuable insight the organization needs to continue honing their executive education programs and meeting their goals of transforming the corporate landscape.  “Gerri is an amazing resource for us,” Medvec said.  “Not only is she a truly talented executive, but she’s also an alumna of the WSLP, someone who understands our objectives from the inside out.”  With a new player in their lineup, the CEW hopes to continue throwing their own fastballs.


Mar 11th 2010 | From The Economist print edition
"Skirting the Issue"
Imposing quotas for women in boardrooms tackles a symptom of discrimination, not the cause.

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In 2009, the Center for Executive Women started a LinkedIn group with the hope of connecting and staying in touch with past and present CEW program participants.  This has been a success so far as we now have close to 225 members.  We hope to encourage you to expand your network by offering a platform for discussion, as well as a place to be recognized for your accomplishments. 

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