"I first met Professor Daniel Diermeier when I attended the CEO Perspectives
Program at Kellogg. I found Daniel's class on reputational risk thought provoking and took from it many actionable items. Reputation Rules takes this to the next level by helping you to a better understanding or 'sixth sense' for both reputational risks and opportunities. The actionable items to build reputation management capability can lead to enhanced value creation. I highly recommend the book."

- SAMUEL ALLEN, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Deere & Company


"CEOs and boards understand the criticality of a firm's reputation to its overall success—and are often blindsided by external events that damage this vital asset. Daniel has the unique ability to look over the horizon in ways that apply science to the art of reputation management. With the help of his insights, we can anticipate and analyze new ways to strengthen and protect the reputation of the enterprise."
- CHERYL FRANCIS, Co-Chairman, Corporate Leadership Center; Member of the Board of Directors, Aon, HNI, and Morningstar; Member of the Board of Trustees, Cornell University


"A corporation's reputation is among its most valuable assets yet it is the most fragile asset to protect. When your reputation takes a hit, it is nearly impossible to repair a damaged image. Recent events prove, time and again, that few corporations possess effective reputation management skills to operate in today's real-time social environment. In many cases, it is not the crisis itself which impacts on the corporate reputation but rather it is how its executives mishandle the resulting communications. Reputation Rules provides an executive with a framework for a real-time assessment and programmatic responses when facing a reputational risk event. If you wish to avoid the negative scrutiny by a suspicious public, I recommend you read this book and keep it close to your desk."
- KEVIN HOSTETLER, Vice President– Group Executive, IDEX Corporation


"Reputational risk management is a key issue for corporate boards and executives. It takes consistent attention over a long period of time to build a great reputation, but a single incident can destroy it in a second. Companies need to build reputation management skills. This book shows them how."
- SHEILA PENROSE, Chairman of the Board, Jones Lang LaSalle; Co-Chairman, Corporate Leadership Center; Member of the Board of Directors, McDonald's


"Daniel Diermeier has continuously caught the attention of the business
world with insightful and compelling facts that should once again challenge our thinking and actions. In today's fast-changing business environment values and reputation are the foundation and Daniel presents sound reasoning and experience as to why they are so important."
-JEFF STRATTON, Executive Vice President and Chief Restaurant Officer, McDonald's Corporation


"Daniel Diermeier provides an actionable view of reputation management.
Reputation Rules is a book that any executive in any industry can use to immediately get results!"
- TERESA TAYLOR, Chief Operating Officer, Qwest Communications


"Reputation Rules is required reading for any executive! Professor Diermeier
is the leading authority on corporate reputation management, and his latest work captures the essential elements of this critical management role. His case studies and insights provide the corporate road map for business leaders to manage this crucial function in today's multicultural global economy."
- ROBERT C. KNUEPFER, JR., Partner, Baker & McKenzie LLP


"Reputation Rules breaks new ground in what has until now been an elusive challenge for companies and consultants alike. An exquisite compendium of navigational tools and vivid storytelling, Diermeier has clearly authored an opus for the ages on building and protecting reputation. This is a game-changing book to be sure."
- HARLAN A. LOEB, Executive Vice President, Director of U.S. Crisis and Issues Management, Edelman


"Daniel Diermeier provides important insights for managing reputation and turning challenges into opportunities. The frameworks are grounded in research, and the vignettes are powerful. The lessons will stick and become an essential component of a manager's repertoire."
- DAVID BARON, David S. and Ann M. Barlow Professor of Political Economy and Strategy, Emeritus, Stanford Graduate School of Business


"Reputation matters. Diermeier convincingly argues that managing a firm's reputation is distinctly different from managing its brand or public relations strategy. In the process, he outlines a clear strategy and concrete tools for actively managing reputation. At its core, it's all about the process of managing trust in an increasingly complex and uncertain business environment."
- SALLY BLOUNT, Dean, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University


"Safeguarding a company's reputation is one of the top concerns for CEOs and board members. But corporations struggle to get it right. Daniel Diermeier's book will be an invaluable tool for companies to build this critical capability."
- DON JACOBS, Dean Emeritus, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University; Member of the Board of Directors, Terex; Member of the Board of Trustees, ProLogis

"More than ever, reputation has become the major currency for global corporations. In Reputation Rules, Daniel Diermeier brilliantly tackles the new rules for managing this currency, beginning with the new environment in which businesses now operate—including the risk factors that make the topic so timely and imperative. He also demonstrates a way forward based on a strategic mindset that reflects his own role as a key bridge between academic theory and business practice."
- DIPAK JAIN, Dean, INSEAD; Member of the Board of Directors,
Deere & Company, Northern Trust, and Reliance Industries


"Daniel Diermeier is truly a brilliant professor! I had the opportunity to witness him teach a class on the topic of 'reputation management' on several occasions and found his materials to be enlightening, informative, and, most important, applicable to the real business world. I have quoted him numerous times in the board meetings that I attend for several Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurial firms. My exposure to his teachings has strengthened my governance contributions!"
- STEVEN S. ROGERS, Director of the Larry and Carol Levy Entrepreneur Institute; Member of the Board of Directors, SC Johnson and SuperValu


"Businesses understand the importance of protecting reputation. The problem, however, is that few have developed strategies for doing so effectively. That is where Reputation Rules comes in. The book doesn't just discuss the value of reputation and demonstrate the threats--it offers unique insight on how reputations are damaged and guidance on how they can be repaired." 

- MORGAN O'ROURKE, Editor in Chief of Risk Management magazine


"Reputation is emerging as one of the most critical, yet most fragile and least effectively managed, organizational assets. In this indispensable book, Diermeier provides a comprehensive survey, anchored in research and illustrated by current examples, of some of the most innovative frameworks and tools in this area. A must-read for any CEO or board member!"
- EITAN ZEMEL, W. Edwards Deming Professor of Quality and Productivity, Vice Dean for Global Initiatives, Stern School of Business, New York University


Reputation Rules: Strategies for Building Your Company's Most Valuable Asset

Daniel Diermeier

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